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Friday, 3 June 2011

Gerrymandering Writ Large.

The Future Isn't So Bright, However.

"The number of households in which no one has ever worked has more than doubled over the past 13 years, a report by the Office for National Statistics has revealed. In the second quarter of 1997, when the previous government took office, the number of workless households stood at 184,000. By the second quarter of 2010 that figure had risen to 352,000."

Labours' original plan, of which much evidence now exists, was to swell the economy via mass immigration and a booming consumer economy, of which imported "spenders" was the mechanism. That this also bought  them three terms at the trough was a super plus.
All was well until the money ran out. A confused, disorientated and angry electorate chose to bash them, in 2010, without knowing what else to put in their place. Of course the dominance of The EU dictatorship made much of this irrelevant, in the long term. Short term we have a puppet regime little better than the last lot. Albeit a smidgen better is a great deal in our modern politics.
Dare I suggest that the exact same Labour tactics are now employed by The EU to marginalise the endemic populations, whilst in America and in the UK, the elite continue their Orwellian standard operating procedures?


  1. One has to wonder, but the cracks are beginning to break thru the wallpaper as the piggy bank nears empty.
    Then what?
    I fear it is all going to end in blood and tears, families split and brother against brother; but perhaps that's what our political elite want.
    Then they can come out of their bunkers as masters of the few that survived.

  2. And it's tip of the iceberg OldRightie.

    If New Labour hadn't created all those essential public sector jobs such as inspecting our bins, diversity workers, climate compliance officers and the like - and if all our youngsters hadn't been conned into mortgaging their futures in pursuit of useless degrees, just think how much bigger this figure would be.

    If we don't soon sort out energy prices, we're not going to have any industry left. BB's right - it's going to end in blood; lot's of it.

  3. I know - there shouldn't be that apostrophe in lots. That's the red mist for you!

  4. The main news lately is that the UK Border Agency is not fit for purpose. The other bit of news is that if we don't reorganise the NHS,that will cease to exist. Surely the two are connected.The NHS was set up 63yrs ago with a much smaller population.Over the years of the past Government,it was their policy to bring in more immigrants to stuff the 'Right'.Our new Government is no better than the last on this subject.

  5. Thank you for the comments. TT, what's an apostrophe between friends?

  6. Meet the new boss, same as the old.
    Oh, hold on a minute...