Such a prescient, beautiful sentiment.

Friday, 17 June 2011

Feasible Delusion.

Or Ignorance?

A contrary NWO, together with this "soft" diplomacy" goes unreported and quietly hidden in our Western media and political arena. As we see in the picture, our string quartet happily smile at their own apparent powerful musical ensemble, oblivious to the inferno outside, of their making, as depicted here.
Just a couple of weeks ago Obummer was in London boasting about how power still resides in the Western Bloc. Excuse me? NATO being quietly thrashed in Afghanistan, Muammar giggling at the same people piddling about hopelessly and struggling to fund their posturing, is all tied up with cash flow. The West has none, as dwarf challenged Liam "Lieboat" Byrne said on being ejected from office, there's no money left.
Whilst we observe the decline, The East has a brave new dawn. China has loads of dosh, Russia likewise and their energy and wealth will be used to clobber us and revengefully turn us into the sweat shops we have gladly exploited in their neck of the woods for so long. Of course our crowd of jesters will pursue their ridiculous climate agendas to the mirth of our erstwhile competitors, borrowing ever more eventual enslavement, to look and feel caring. Preposterous but amusing as The Murdochs and Bilderbergers watch their global dreams of dictatorship founder in egged on conflicts and stupid science. That cold war is a distant memory, the new economic conflict is a great deal hotter and every bit as uncomfortable.


  1. The party is over and there is not going to be another one for quite a while.

  2. You are right, Demetrius but when will the drunk on debt party goers realise.