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Sunday, 12 June 2011

A False frenzy.

Afghanistan, Not Snotty And Testicles.

The usual navel gazing by much of the MSM this weekend is on the fluff of UK politics and the Westminster bubble of fur. In fairness the Sunday Times has woken up to the inevitable winning of this war by The Taliban.
This professional article makes a superior fist of the debate than I am capable of doing. However the stark realities of this pathetic invasion were obvious from day one. Centuries of invasion and plunder have always failed to defeat the Tribal unities of this Country. Some suggest that only fighting and war keeps these people happy. However they have had precious few years to demonstrate such a meme.
I read today that this conflict is costing the USA alone some $10billion a MONTH!  It also reminds me of my original theory on 9/11 that as atrocious as it was as an act of terrorism the real aim was to severely damage the West's most powerful asset, wealth.
I would suggest that the collapse of the Global banking ponzi schemes is directly linked to those twin towers symbolic destruction. That coupled with a Bilderberger elite to whom money is everything.
We will have to deal with talks with this "enemy" it is already happening. Trouble is it is ten plus years, billions if not trillions of dollars too late. The unnecessary deaths of ordinary people is, of course, cheap in our leaders' minds. I doubt any of them ever lose sleep over the casualties of their wars but only over any loss of money and power.
Whether blogging is just an observational vehicle or a future powerful check on the vainglory of idiots, I don't know. Only time will tell if the deaf mutes of power are ever able to notice the dog muck on their shoes.


  1. The unnecessary deaths of ordinary people is, of course, cheap.

    There is an element in our society which complains about the Hiroshima attack. It shortened the 2nd war. There are also those who think Bomber Harris was wrong to attack Dresden. But forget the destruction of Coventry.

    They started it.

    The response was wrong in the first place. They should have given the Tabiban 30 days to hand over osama, then obliterated Kabul if they refused.

    Same collossal death toll in the civilian population, but then hindsight is always 20:20.

    But I somehow think the rest of the world would have feared America all the more for using those expensive toys we brandish.

  2. "The response was wrong in the first place. They should have given the Taliban 30 days to hand over osama, then obliterated Kabul if they refused."
    Yup and also paid a huge ransom to be spent on Western goods and trade. A double victory!

  3. I've lost the bloody reference but I recently came across something claiming that in fact the Taliban did agree to hand over Bin Liner subject to the US government providing evidence that would meet their own courts' criteria for a prima facie case, or at least close to it. If true, and I stress if then it's worth noting that it is no more than many of us wanted from the US in cases like the Nat West Three or Gary McKinnon. Yes, I know the British government caved but I'm not sure that saying they're a more spineless bunch than the Taliban is something to be proud of. It's also worth noting - again, assuming it's true - that the US response, for all the good it's done them over the last decade, was apparently along the lines of 'Evidence? Nyah, fuck that shit. Lock and load, boys!'

    I agree with you OR. I said recently that I've come to believe Bin Liner's real target was a financial one which he attacked the only way he could, and also the best way anyone could, by wounding America's pride. The War on a Vague Sense of Unease has already cost several hundred times the 2001 dollar cost of building the WTC towers in the first place, not to mention has cost more lives than were taken the day they came down. Never mind 30 day ultimatums which would likely have led to much the same place we are now, the best response would have been 'Plane crashes? Seriously? Is that really the best you got? Yeah, okay, you stung us, now go back and play with your goats. It's business as usual here, motherfucker.'

    Instead the US had Dubya, who was told it was probably Bin Liner but wanted to believe it was Saddam Hussein, and ended up splitting his nation's efforts by going after both. And that's cost them (and the Coalition of the Gullible) far more lives and far more money and far more personal freedom than Bin Liner could ever have hoped to attack directly.

  4. AE. from such history we learn, "they don't".