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Monday, 6 June 2011

Even The Pets Knew.

How Obvious These Political Pygmies Are, In Their Utter Failure To Think.

"Britain failed to accurately gauge Taliban resistance to UK troops in Afghanistan's Helmand province, the head of the armed forces said. General Sir David Richards told the Commons defence committee UK troops "turned up a hornet's nest" when they moved into south Afghanistan in 2006."  
Two years ago, around the beginning of my blogging habit was this blog, and more pertinent comments which said every bit that which appears to have taken two years and a few hundred grands worth of top pay to come up with from The General. Iraq was stupid and Afghanistan even more so. Back then The Taliban should have been bought and brought on board against Bin Loaded's disparate gang. Just imagine had that been done. Billions saved and the 2007 crash minimised, countless hundreds of thousands of lives saved and a World very much more stable. Instead these political pygmies and dumb nuts have created hell on earth and NOW are only getting a dim faint light of understanding. As with the financial crash, the forum that is the Blogosphere constantly warned of these calamitous and ill thought out military farces and their likely consequences. However the political bubble brains within a bubble went hell for leather down their own childish soap opera games. Tell you what, put these plonkers on the front line and we would have been talking to the Taliban citizens of their own Country years ago. We really are shat on by our Corporate sponsored political vandals, big time. Yet they go on to suck ever deeper at the tax teat and peerage troughs, together with fat salaried pay off bribes, post being turfed out of Office. The vast rewards for failure are a bigger disgrace than their time of incompetent Office. really nice work if you can get it.

The above post dates back to 2011. As the Taliban return in numbers, it's just as pertinent today as back then

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