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Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Education Is Not A Holy Grail

In America Or The UK.

This report coincided this morning with this cow's moronic existence .What the social engineering pillocks have failed to grasp is that you really cannot make a silk purse out of a sow's ear. Labour have lost their real understanding of human nature and so have the rest of our political elite. The idea that all young people are perfect in every way and that a university education was all that was missing to create a Nation of wunderkinder was always pure nonsensical drivel. Drivel engendered through political desire to garner votes and pretend that equality was only about money and education. Sadly the most able in both America and The UK suffer. Furthermore the traditional trades such as shown above, together with manufacturing, ship building and mining were all traduced on the altar of "progress". Sure the mind numbing call centres, bank warehouse clearing rip off centres and so forth were made available. IT has created a new industry but like so many other areas our pathetic Comprehensive system has led us to a position of disgrace and the neglect of so many. A perfect resume of that state is here
Notwithstanding mass immigration into both economies and the mass stupidity of the political dimbo classes, it still is a fact that our decline is based on a left wing ideology and that we are all one and the same in ability and intellect. Thus those more cunning and clever but nasty and loathsome are dominant. Those intelligent, kindly and scholarly are left to enter medicine, the armed forces or other areas still relatively free of political interference for individuals. Once teaching and banking professions were available but now dominated by the former. The university place dogma from Labour was all about votes and dole queue reduction, never, as in Russia, China and the developing world, excellence. We are paying a high price for failing to nurture the best and help the least able. Stuffing them into expensive and usually unwanted lecture halls has been and remains another colossal disaster of our political machines. Time for a major overhaul of common sense. No chance of that, of course. That used to be drummed into the poorest of families but families are also abhorred by the leftie doctrines. Whilst preaching equality these same people nurture nepotism for their own, naturally.


  1. "Sure the mind numbing call centres, bank warehouse clearing rip off centres and so forth were made available."

    I cringe every time someone spouts off about "working from home". Doing what, exactly??? This daft dream world where commuting is a thing of the past, fails to realise that things still need to be made and repaired, and you can't do that sitting at a computer in the spare bedroom once you've put the kids to bed....

    Alternatively just accept that all real work will get transferred to China & India, etc. But don't complain when their pollution skyrockets instead.

  2. "still need to be made and repaired"
    I suspect we will return to our "man in a shed roots" and grow manufacturing again one day, through necessity.

  3. Up at my local farm, Daisy, who produces some very high grade milk, is most offended by the comparison. I have every sympathy with her. There are forms of low life that might be a better basis, say an e-coli bug.

  4. "I suspect we will return to our "man in a shed roots" and grow manufacturing again one day, through necessity."

    That depends on whether there any of us "Old Codgers" left alive....

  5. Indeed, MD. Demetrius, please give Daisy my humble apologies.

  6. The rot all started with the abolition of the 11+ !

  7. The war of ideas in education is not lost. ... The new holy grail of equality of opportunity politics – early years' education!!!
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