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Thursday, 2 June 2011

Better Late Than never.

Still Shameful, Though.

Some time ago, over two years, I wrote of how talks with the "enemy", just as with these killers, would eventually need to happen. Karzei's mates are now billionaires whilst the people are being killed regularly by both sides. So after billions of dollars, countless lives and terrible, crippling injuries all round, we learn of "talks". All they will need is a railway carriage to sign off on a campaign always destined to fail. Its greatest achievement will forever be another doomed dismal, stupid campaign. Why didn't we have talks back in the months following 9/11? The money that could have been given to the Taliban, in return for Bin Laden and a place at the table,  would have been peanuts, compared to the egotistical nonsense and ignorance we have pursued. 
I was vilified for my stance before, only to be proven right, along with many others. Sadly that does not heal the maimed or bring back the dead. What it does do is tell us how very badly we are governed.


  1. xX What it does do is tell us how very badly we are governed.Xx

    I totaly agree.

    A DECENT Government would have not hesitated to bomb the living shit out of the bastards, until it was THEM that came crawling to the table to ask for surrender terms.

    Instead, it is the West doing the surrendering.

  2. "Instead, it is the West doing the surrendering."

    I understand the sentiment, FT but reckon keeping the powder dry for a real need is the way to go.