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Sunday, 19 June 2011

Another Weekend Of Violin Playing.

By The Same Old Practitioners.

I could do worse than direct today's post to here. In this more able essay than I can muster, many of the ills I have observed for decades are highlighted. In particular the meme that those who have got us to our parlous state are the same people to get us out of it. That is palpably not true. From bankers to corporate heads, politicians and their placement generals, not one of them has the intelligence to see the trend so perfectly shown in the link. All we have is Labour and their shower of clowns, led by Testicles Tubby, shouting how their circus is better than Pseudo's show. As in The USA, Obummer is little more than a sandwich board walker promoting his Big Top credentials as superior to the Republicans. Meanwhile all of them fail to do any real work in righting the already collapsed giant canvas. Libya, Afghanistan, Iraq and who knows what next, have been and remain follies of the greatest order. Post 9/11 real statesmen would have gone down a much calmer and logical route. That atrocity was a long term, well considered attack on The West's economic strength and our lot fell for it by committing trillions of dollars yet to be earnt, in vengeful, PR wars. Wars ably and willingly financed by the bankers of the arms trade and subsequently the drug lords, looking to launder their ill gotten gains. When addiction and death are tools of commerce. the destruction of a society is guaranteed. Still the same ghastly, power crazed merchants of greed survive and await only one eventuality. Complete anarchy and terrible violence. We are seeing it already in Greece.

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