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Tuesday, 17 May 2011

When America Sneezes......

It's Said The World gets A Cold.

Well, we can see here the sneeze is full blown influenza. The world really is changing. insomuch that our erstwhile leaders have saddled us with wars we could never afford and a debt mountain that looks insurmountable. Yet still the calibre of the echelon of the "eejits" that brought us to this awful position continues to be wanting. The IMF moron, the expenses fiddlers in The UK and the criminal hoon motorists all reflect the manner in which The Western decline has become inevitable. Arguably The UK's descent into chaos began with Heath's lies back in the sixties. From the moment a Prime Minister bought into the lying urged by his senior civil servants, the morality and sacrifice of two world wars was consigned to the dustbin of political expedience. That this evil was to become the guiding light to trade union bosses, politicians and bankers, was inevitable. The stench of corruption that clings to Snotty, Bliar, Scargill and so forth is traceable to that time when even the pretence of decency was surrendered.
The IMF, discussed here, coupled with The UN and its culture shown for what it is during Kofi Annan's reign.   Knew nothiing, saw nothing, heard nothing. These monstrous conglomerates for the globalisation of lies and corruption highlight exactly why our pygmy race of politicians and our inability to vote in better people show how easily the Western structures are failing badly. Look at Huhne in the UK. Palpably guilty of stupidity and probably a criminal driving offence but remains glued to his enviable salary and power base. Bliar and Snotty guilty of so much destruction but both are on course to own a sizeable chunk of The Planet. Snotty desperately seeking the soon to be announced vacancy at the IMF. He is well suited for the job but because of his Dunblane links rather than any financial competence. Of the latter he has a proven track record about as dismal as it gets.
All this before we even consider Obama and his predecessors. Again the egotistical seeking of power and wealth are far more important than any altruistic fervour for their people and their Nation. I said at the time and repeat it now, the 9/11 atrocities really were dishing it out in spades to the very edifices of financial power mongering responsible for as much failure in the World as any Islamic or Irish fanatics' hatred of a system none of us can be proud of. 
Is there a solution. Probably but the road to solving it might prove impassable. Well, unless the corrupt Western creators of our nightmare are forced to leave for good. That includes PsEUdo Davey boy and his Cobbleition clique, along with that Temple of Doom that houses the EU Commission. As for The USA. A significant pact with China and Russia might do the trick! Mind you, I doubt they can afford to be a major player much longer, so that option is probably gone. Loan sharks and drug Barons, the salvation of European banks, possibly. Of course that puts us back to where I began!


  1. You say "our inability to vote in decent people" - what decent person is gong to stand? Isn't that the problem? The NOTA vote is futile at the moment. Revolution and uprisings are all very well but tend to follow on where the last bunch laid off. Is it a man thing, should women take over - just asking.