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Friday, 13 May 2011

What A Nark!!

Watching  The Daily Politics Bubbles.

This grotesque, arrogant turd burglar was lauded to the skies as such a fantastic bloke even if he might not be back to lord it over us this year, he might well next year! What is it that once an MP somehow your status becomes untouchable? Suddenly the gargantuan stench of corruption leaves the inadequate bastards' personages, as they enter the hallowed corridors of power. Does no one stop to reflect on the mess they've all caused us and that the wreckage of wars, bankruptcy et al is all at their guilty doors. Taxed to hell and back we poor Eloys do our best, whilst the one law for Laws and another for us is the manner in which we are governed. This vile individual, with his £100,000 rent boy fees, is regarded as somehow special. Well he and his corrupt political mates make me feel physically sick with their ghastly personalities and utter contempt for OUR Parliament, OUR morality and OUR sense of decency. A police investigation should pursue this pathetic creature all the way to jail to join the other lags languishing at her majesty's pleasure. Trouble is he'd be like a kid in a sweety shop with Mandy the shopkeeper.

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