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Thursday, 5 May 2011

Well was he Or Wasn't he?

Curiouser And Curiouser.

This report adds more fuel to the flames of disinformation and obfuscation. Were these words and this witness true then we really are seeing a depth of depravity and a President out of control. Indeed if this daughter's account is to be believed, the killing of Bin laden is in no way lawful, regardless of the driving forces behind it. What a botch up. Whatever the truth we Eloys are not to be made privy to the facts. As the planning for the One World Totalitarian State gets more and more evident, the greater the need to lie, murder and cover up. Bin Laden's legacy, if he is actually dead, will be that of a martyr for all of us, not just Islam, should our leaders drive on, regardless, to enslave us all. His victims would become his allies against a truly monstrous cabal being formed as I write. Elections today, in The UK, are no more than an  expensive bit of theatrical history for all the meaning they carry. Just as any other elections throughout Europe and the West if not The World.


  1. Imagine if you had discovered the Holy Grail. Would you chuck it in the sea and then ask the world to believe that you had found it?

  2. Exactly! Of course you wouldn't.

  3. So we now have an 'independent' witness who confirms he's actually dead!