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Sunday, 8 May 2011

The Stuff Missing From It All.

Bad News To Hide Bad News Agenda.

As our wimps gather excitedly round jug ears selective mutterings on a Sunday morning we suffer the usual chattering and media class ignoring of not one but a whole herd of elephants crowding into their space.
Firstly the killing of Bin Loaded was not a decent act by any means though that old adage beloved of the powerful that "the end justifies the means" is much to the fore.
Then there is the Western economic debt tsunami. This is the bull of all bulls in the pachyderm pack milling about. It's sacred cow is the Orwellian State of Europe dream. Here the unwelcome elephants are legion and uncontrollable. Greece ever more desperate and bust is held in place by a botched hierarchy of wealthy countries leaders, such as Germany, happy to  pledge their future chance of prosperity on a lame duck to win The Grand National of a glorious rebirth of their flawed power. As we are dragged further into the mire of EU failure and spiralling debt The American and UK Governments quietly do their back room debt swaps with all the seriousness of circus clowns juggling now long gone imaginary pots of money.
Shall we move on to the Middle eastern pachyderms? Why not? Syria and its erstwhile gangster ruling Mafia are getting off big time on slaughtering their own people with a blood lust only equalled by that of  Muʿammar al-Qaḏḏāfī. This is a club now tacitly joined by Obama and by association the rest of us in the killing of Bin Loaded. As for Bahrain, worth missing that wedding  for with such sport on offer. Indeed, this path is paved with opportunity for ever greater wealth and power. See how lucrative the killing game can be! No wonder a younger generation there is aping its forebears with gusto.
Just to highlight a small but significant member of the ignored herd in our global room we have this little gem. Shame not even discussed and the same here.
So when I listen to Coke nose red Ed or Calamity or even my vaguely admired Georgie, my heart sinks at their self absorption and denial. As their collective arses are fondled by that smug adulterer and all round ugly character, not to mention his ears, Marred, the reality of our financial mess and sadly doom laden future escapes the lot of them.
All this talk of austerity and that BBC mantra of "cuts" is a sham. as discussed here. Our debt is so colossal as to be probably insurmountable unless things are changed at the top. That is, Government, banks, corporations and the very rich have to be checked big time. Perhaps a strike similar to that against Bin Loaded is too drastic but these peoples' ignorant misuse of power and Snotty's New World Order club is killing us every bit as the despot regimes in The Middle East are slaying their own. Just a longer, slower death of an entire civilisation.
To summarise, as the world tears itself apart life goes on as normal for those at the top. I don't wish to see reward for success and effort diminished. I want a more deserving, decent and worthy hierarchy able to make  a difference and corral, with the full awareness of the humanity involved, that herd of elephants. With all of us part of the rebuilding of a better world.
Dreamer or what?

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  1. That is a fine dream OR. May it achieve reality.

    The poor nation state of Ireland is being sacrificed on the altar of the EU priests in the interests of European hegemony, to bring - nay COW - Portugal and Spain into line, and threatens to collapse utterly as its citizens are ground under the heel of the evil bastards.

    Cameron, Sarkozy and Merkel resemble nothing so much as a trio of excited vultures at a feast of a choice carcass which still flickers with life.

    My own life is filled with richness and affection, I am lucky. The poor sods whose lives are being sacrificed on the altar of mammon are the ones I feel sorry for...