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Thursday, 19 May 2011

Same Old Same Old............


He fucked the uk  big time and The IMF is as corrupt as it can be, so this plonker of a mad man is still angling to put his Dunblane connections behind him and screw the World even better than his predecessors. Whilst this merry go round of The Bilderberger set goes on, nothing will change. Illegal wars, bombing oil rich capitals and greasing greasy slime balls will go on ruling. Courtesy of Penny, here's another example  of hoonism. It seems utter incompetence is all you need to screw everybody outside the tent of Western rulers decadence.
Still whilst the Eloys have their diet of spoon fed goggle box brainwashing, what's the problem? Well, one day watching TV will be so expensive only the Big Brothers will be allowed to watch or surf IMF funded pornography. Ask DSK.


  1. I've seen this picture of Brown a thousand times. I'll never get over it.

  2. If you think of the daftest idea possible one possible would be Brown heading the IMF. Unluckily this could easily happen.

  3. Possibly Demetrious but it seems he might be hoist on the petard of "the next president of the IMF should come from the third world, preferably Africa". I could argue against that but how could G.Brown?