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Wednesday, 4 May 2011

The Orwellian Nightmare....

Gets Ever Closer.

Police brutality, in this case of poor Mr Tomlinson, is just a small but frightening portent of where the World might be headed. It is ironic that, as the Middle East flares up in tribal and nationalistic fervour, the powerful still cling to their passion for a one state governance. Not just a grotesque EU, from Goodnight Vienna but the police state methodology from Derek Bennett t, showing that which is hurtling, unopposed, down the track. The manipulation of our whole social construct into a compliant, too stressed to fight back populace is the sad consequence of the way it's all going. Before very long the one instrument for opposition, peaceful that is, will be closed down. We can only hope that once these draconian measures kick, in the selfish sheeples will realise they have been well and truly shafted. I'm not holding my breath.


  1. I see all protest at the royal wedding was banned in your capital by order of His Royal Highness price Philp George Arthur Charles Duke of Poor Old Rothsay, Dick of Poor Old Cornwall and Prince of Poor Bloody Wales, not to mention a few hundred other titles which he seems to get for...erm....being him.

    Certainly looking forward that that prat being the king, specially as this government seems to fall over backward to accommodate him...

  2. Thanks for the links, OR. You're right that we have been shafted but, sadly, we're the ones who provided the money and materials that enable them to do it.

    @Tris - there'll be an outpouring of calls from the republicans when the Queen dies and more constitution-wrecking. Massive changes are ahead.

  3. I suspect GV, hat he will ruin it for himself.

    It’s been very clear that no one wants him as king. The love the queen and the love William and they don’t like him and they like his crocodile even less.

    I suspect Charles will, as Charles has always, demanded his own way. He will want to be king Charles with queen Mrs Parker Bowles. The Archbishop will be put in the invidious position of either having to tell his boss it can’t be done, or go against the teachings of the church, and crown as queen a woman who has her first (and in the church’s teachings her proper) husband still living.

    He’s a disagreeable old man who lives in the world of his grandmother... a world which no longer exists.

    He should stand down and go live abroad as the Duke of Windsor.

    But he won't.

    He will break the monarchy by doing this and then poking his nose into the governmetn's business. As sure as eggs is eggs...


  4. Tris, Charlie an old man?! I'm a little older than the twerp but not OLD! Phil's old.

  5. OR: IMHO Old has little to do with age.

    Age sometimes makes people old, but it is not in and of itself the mark of being old.

    As you read my blog you will know I'm a fan, and friend of Pétula Clark. By the time I meet her in Paris in November she will be within days of her 79th birthday, and a younger, more vital, modern, exciting person you would be hard pressed to find.

    Of course she is very rich... and that CAN help.

    I suspect, though, that she's not as rich as Charles, who lives in the past, in a stuffy world of privilege and position; he was an old man at 25.

    Of course I haven't met him. I had the chance one time but turned it down as it was too full of conditions of dress and protocol to make it worth the effort of my driving to Edinburgh. There’s no point in a discussion if the rules about what you can and can’t say are in place before you start... indeed were in place hundreds of years before you were born!

    He is a product of his Edwardian grandmother, to whom he was far closer than to his parents.

    I'm sure you're not old at all... Well, I hope you're not. You should be Young Rightie!

  6. Tris, I'm humbled! As for "Pet" a joyous lady if ever there was one.

  7. Oh OR, 'twas never my o9bjective to humble you... but I agree Pet is a joy.

    And at 78 to be embarking on a new album in French, and a musical project about Emile Zola, she's just awesome.