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Sunday, 29 May 2011

Oh Dear As Ever.

More Wasted Lives.

For what?  As I journey towards old age I am unable to nominate any western politician in my lifetime I can say, "There was a great leader", bar the now frail and elderly Maggie. As other countries suffer unspeakable state run torture and terrible rule, we drift in the same direction without the spirit and will to end this global cancer that is our political classes. Whilst Syrians brave grotesque physical danger to rise up against injustice we have to endure Jug Ears smugly allowing the pygmy masters like Fox spout utter drivel. A Defense Minister who does not know whose despots we train in military might?
Note how quietly our soldiers' deaths  are published these days. As with The Russian failure in Afghanistan, our Muppets cannot own up to getting everything so badly wrong. From financial melt down to social engineering we blithely eat up their spin and lies without a murmur. Celebrity drug and booze fuelled lives sell copy. Murdering war mongers, not interested, unless our Nation's constant playgrounds are threatened. Our PM, exhausted after days of banqueting Obummer, now enjoying a break in Ibiza. Somewhat safer than Afghanistan.
 Still, as time moves on, blogs still document the rubbish that passes for government and there is some relief to be had knowing that not every single Eloy is without a brain cell. Furthermore, it's rumoured Summer is coming around the middle of next week!


  1. Something is about to give, I only wish I knew exactly what.

  2. I'm not even sure Thatcher deserves an exception. At a push I'll concede that at least in the short term things appeared to improve and that her intentions were mostly for the best. However, she failed to tame the state and to prevent its continued growth, and the UK was deeper into Europe at the end of her time than it was at the beginning. On top of that she was, like all PMs since and like all that I know of before her, deeply illiberal. Any single one of those merits a failing grade for me. The best I can say for her is that I feel only very mild dislike while a number of other PMs (including all four since) I utterly despise.

  3. Demetrius, likewise. AE, I tend to concur with your analysis of Mrs Tee and also of other PMs.

  4. I think Mrs. T belongs to another era, since NuLabor everything has changed, at least during her premiership the Scottish banks didn't implode.
    Nor get a bail-out from south of the border by the Fifeshire financial dimwit.
    I think if they had come begging to her she would have ensured we got our pound of flesh.

    As for this PM, he's turning out to be an insipid version of Tony Wot's His Name.