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Friday, 27 May 2011

Obummer And Pseudo's Private Chat.

About Gunships.

Notwithstanding this  utter financial quagmire our Dave obviously is as much in awe of a US President as his two predecessors. We are to pay billions of borrowed pounds to fund a carrier fleet for US jets. Presumably we will lease or pay extra for those and probably their crews. That or The EU combined force will fly their pirate flag from the mast.
Then we announce, after Obummer has departed, we are going to up the ante in Libya with Apache helicopters. You can bet Dave was told "I can't be seen doing this but you can, can't you?" and the lovesick puppy licked his master's hand, wagged his little tail and obliged. No suggestion of affording it, of course. Cuts, what cuts. These idiots are spending every bit as recklessly as the last lot. No doubt ably supported by their Sir Humphreys and water tight and very costly contracts with mates in the know. Sickening stupidity and so pointless. Gaddafi looks pretty secure so far. I don't see what a couple of choppers will do, other than bomb and machine gun the hell out of the innocent. What a shambles we have for a Government, still.


  1. It's beginning to look more and more likely we swapped mad bad NuLabor for softy Blue Labour.

  2. All is not lost, according to the Guardian. In its editorial today "In Praise of Blackburn and Darwen" it tells a tale of a wonderful place where the proportion of the young population is the highest in the UK. It is being nurtured by a very New Labour policy and is not only our hope for the future but implies that this is way for the UK to go and to whom our taxes should be directed. Think about it.

  3. I see he spent rather a lot of money doing Downing Street up while we all went without.

    You couldn't make them up could you? We're broke and our brave boys will have to take pay cuts, but

    Royal Wedding: no expense spared; Downing Street renovations: no ecpense spared;
    War with Libya: no expense spared; Mrs Thatcher's funeral: no expense spared;
    Queen's jubilee: no expense spared.

    I'm getting a trend here.

  4. biasedBBC were saying Gaddafi was getting paranoid and staying in hospitals etc to avoid all the 'targeted' bombing. Doesn't sound paranoid to me . Sounds a sensible move and one that any sensible person would do in similar circumstances.

  5. It was so obvious before the General Election that the Conservatives were going to be just as useless as Labour. Why do people vote?