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Sunday, 22 May 2011

The Obama Circus Comes To Town.

Austerity Is Not For Presidents Or Politicians.

He may bask in 49% approval ratings but for my money he's little better than the rest of the NWO Pygmies presiding over the parlous debt hanging over all our Western heads. As for this State visit to London, the cost will be enormous. Probably similar to this.
Now why these circus style outings are done is beyond me. Is it a cosy love in designed to show the might and power of The USA and UK? That is a joke. When we have to beg and borrow from China every penny or cent we spend these days, all this pomp is somewhat embarrassing when done on a suspect credit card.
Now when it comes to muscle we are happy to bomb and shell the crap out of our oil suppliers when they get uppity, so I ask again why this pomp and circumstance?
As for Obama himself. Off he goes, as re-election looms, just as his at least two predecessors, looking for a Middle East break through. This time, however, bashing the Israelis over the head and suggesting they open up their rump to the 1967 borders that almost wiped them out, back then.
Now I'm no apologist for the "settlement" programmes and land grabbing beloved of Israel but Old Holborn's anti-Semitic rant the other day was no more helpful than Obama's intervention. Even though much of the NWO band wagon is driven by The Jewish based wealth around the Globe, that is no more ironic than the manner in which every wannabee player in carving up the human race, sucks up to that plan. More observations here.
Nope, for me the future has to be one where leaders look after their own and keep their noses out of everywhere else. Certainly working well in Russia so far. Possibly even China. Yes, global trade and involvement is necessary but not at the prices on offer today. Or should I say, the credit card interest.


  1. Yes I agree ABOUT Old Holborn , Libertarianism it seems involves the killing of civilians , the absence of democracy and the 'victim' status of the perpetrators . He's a faux populist twat, that lives in a surreal world.

  2. Oh and I forgot to say 'Ryan Giggs' just in case I was left out lol

  3. Thank's for passing through, ArtCo. Whose Ryan Giggs?

  4. He's the guy that has been shagging my and your wife apparently lol

  5. Hah, they've more taste than any WAG.