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Monday, 2 May 2011

More Questions Than Answers.

Unintended Consequences, Again. 

I will not shed one tear for a man who, from a typical teenage, hormonal, rebellious mindset turned into this monster. He is attributed to creating a legacy of "waking" up the Muslim cause against the perceived Western slights to that ideology but appears to have been enjoying a luxurious lifestyle in his later years. Where I am baffled is the Pakistani connection. The World's most wanted guy is in the midst of the Pakistani elite forces training ground. The same military who allegedly possess a nuclear weapon capability. The duplicitous overtones of this beggar belief. Either there is some Machiavellian stuff going on big time that few understand or somebody's bank account ran dry. My bet is that whatever appears as some grand purpose, there will lie behind the scenes a great deal of dosh in some form or other. I doubt we shall ever know. One thing is for certain, with this mad man gone the world is a better and I wager safer place. Regardless of any ranting and raving by the rag headed terrorists, this is a coup. A result, ten years after the atrocity of the twin towers, that will quietly be admired by both the Chinese and Russian hard-liners, despite themselves. Mind you, whilst waving the death penalty in The UK, our mob of cack- handed politicos seem more than sanguine about this particular execution. Funny old world where such a killing might well curb those home grown buggers in The UK, were it an option!
As I say, unintended consequences, indeed. 


  1. One thing is for certain, with this mad man gone the world is a better and I wager safer place.

    Interesting. I'm equally as certain that with him gone there's no substantive difference whatsoever and in the short term it might even be worse as the ranks of junior fucknuts attempt to avenge him. Not quite sure why they would since if he's been martyred isn't that doing him a favour vis a vis paradise and 71.5 virgins (one of them has been to third base) etc? Still, logic doesn't seem to be the strong suit so in the meantime I'm expecting things to explode again, and if they don't then there will be at least a heightened threat of exploding things. We have always been at war with Eastasia.

  2. Given the choice between a successful strike on Bin Loader or Bliar,I'd've chosen Bliar any day of the week.

  3. A choice between Bin Liner and Bliar,I would have chosen the latter.Well said sir,so would I and,in actual fact,gone for his mate McBroon as well.I was very pleased indeed,when they did not go to the wedding.The English,at last, are being woken up.

  4. I'm with Anon and Whistle. AE, Bin Bag was revered by the youngsters and considered invincible. They will struggle to match 9/11.