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Monday, 16 May 2011

Is Blogging Doomed?

I Don't Think So.

Despite the pompousness shown by Dale and his mates their selfish and personal ambitions do not apply to we minnows. Blogging for many is cathartic and offers a small release from the frustrations and impotence our modern NWO  creates. The Middle east is a case in point, where blogging and the internet spilled into the arrogant corridors of despots. These very same people the Dales and the like expect to blog and blag their way into. Even Guido is more of a MSM pawn these days but to his credit maintains a degree of scepticism not seen in the hills and Dales of those who crave an MP's dubious status.
Were Oldrightie and his fellow bloggers here just for our own selfish ambition then life would be pretty disappointing.As it is I enjoy my daily tilt at the mighty and powerful. it gives me great pleasure to have a platform or rather soap box or electronic Hyde park corner at my fingertips. Does anyone in power notice us on the corner. I'm sure they don't but you never know, one day they just might! Keep it going, boys and girls, the MSM hate us and that's a good a reason as ever to "Carry on blogging"!


  1. Mr Dale's getting plenty publicity isn't he OR?

    We'll soon be the only ones left who aren't professionals or making any money from it.

  2. Blogging isn't doomed. Blogs enable people to express their views on the internet. Many blogs may only attract small audiences, but that's okay if their authors aren't seeking fame or popularity. Many bloggers primarily want their views to be documented.

    Bloggers like Iain Dale have stopped because either they expected too much from their blogs, or they felt under pressure to satisfy their audiences. From blogging, people should seek personal satisfaction - not audience satisfaction.

  3. Agreed. Cathartic indeed, and as Senior says I blog as much for me as anyone who reads it. Almost all of us start with no readers at all anyway.

  4. Blogs will disappear when the internet disappears - so I think we're okay for now.

  5. There seems no separate facility to comment on Mrs Rightie's Spring so I'll do it here.

    A magnificent display, truly magnificent. How she keeps a clematis montana under control is beyond me.

  6. I suspect that Dale denigrates bloggers because the establishment of which he would so dearly love to be a part, is afraid of them.

    When Labour was in power in London it was them who took the brunt of the blogs' dissatisfaction and ire. Dale's Tories fared rather well.

    But now the Tories are in charge (along with their fags), they are taking a battering at the hands of the commentators. Mistakes which would have been mentioned for one day in some papers and ignored by others are blasted all over the blogosphere. And as a result the incompetences of everyday governmental life are kept alive in the consciousness of millions of people who read blogs daily. It was good when Labour was on the receiving end, but it stinks now that the Tories have taken their place: not very grown up thinking, but archetypical of Dale’s sort (wannabe politician).

    Blogs do change opinions sometimes: a bit like a discussion at the pub, or a good dinner party. They make people think, especially if the people are clever enough to be capable of reading blogs which are politically opposed to their own point of view.

    Politicians (and would be ones) can rail all they like about them, but my guess would be that blogs and blogging are here to stay, and people like Dale and, interestingly Tom Harris, the Labour Tory, had better get used to it.

  7. Mr Bigot (not sure that that was quite polite)

    The garden is a complete delight. Montana Rubens is indeed next to impossible to control, but time and some sharp sheers, and a lot of skill knowing where to wield them, can give you the display that Mrs OR has created there. The woman is a genius, and what a delight to get up in the morning and look out at her handiwork.

    You’re a lucky man OR.

  8. Mr FB and Tris. Mrs OR is blushing with justifiable pride and I am indeed a very lucky if possibly undeserving under gardener!