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Monday, 9 May 2011

Ignorance Is Bliss!

What's EU Day?

Not this good, as also revealed above. The so called EU day attracted more like miserable dissatisfaction. discussed here. If a Europe wide referendum were held tomorrow I suspect an 80% plus NO vote. The 25% YES would comprise the Clegg, Kinnock and Mandleson types, ably supported by this vision of loveliness. A woman as competent as she is lovely, as illustrated here and not for the feint hearted..
As Russia celebrates the sacrifices and proud victory meted out to the forefathers of the EU Federal National  Socialist State, our mealy mouthed lot hold pointless meetings, boring pats on the back and self-congratulatory hugs, as the flames of failure lick around their undeserving feet, fuelled by the massive 
wallpaper like euro notes, getting ever more worthless by the day.
For me, after 24 hours of internet crash, I return to a deafening silence about "Euro Day" and find greater solace in the celebratory parades honouring the fallen, being held in Russia. A Nation rapidly becoming a new powerhouse through "charity begins at home" fervour and love of their roots. Works for me.


  1. It is quite plain why EU day is not offered up for popular celebration, few,apart from the usual suspects, would turn up even if they foisted yet another pointless Bank Holiday on us.

  2. It would be a good chance for flag burning. mind you, punishable by death, I believe!

  3. Only a small and corrupt elite wants the EU. They would be lucky to get 10 percent in a vote.