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Sunday, 1 May 2011

If True.....

Then Despicable In Any Language.

If the attack on a house in Tripoli was indeed the work of "NATEU" then I am appalled at the casual killing of young children in such an incident. OK, the despots are fair game but indiscriminate killing of families is a step too far. I wonder how our head honchos would feel if a grenade were tossed into their country mansions, during a family get together. The whole affair smacks of incompetent desperation as another "skirmish" turns sour and the West's depleted moral and economic coffers get ever more drained. Who will rid us of our dictators in Brussels from where, probably, the architects of this reported alleged atrocity originate?


  1. Agree totally OR. Sickening.

    Predicted this elsewhere (Telegraph) at the outset and drew myself lots of opprobrium as a result.

    The next person who drawls "Fortunes of war, dear boy" to me risks finding out what that really means...

  2. "I wonder how ....... would feel if a ..... were tossed ...... during a family get together. "

    Perhaps that question should be asked of those resident in Lockerbie on 21 December 1988?

  3. Joe, I fully understand your input but my argument is that if we become as dreadful as they, what's the point of anything?

  4. Yes, we make an inordinate fuss about anything done to us, without the least thought of what we have done in return.

    7/7 for example, was terrible, but it was also terribly little in comparison with Desert Storm where tens of thousands of kids and families were killed or injured, or had all thay they owned firebombed.

    I expect there would have been outrage beyond belief if someone had bombed one of the Queen's homes, especially when ever it was that they had that "do".

    I hope they kill Gadaffi, and for my money there's none of this "women and children" nonsense. In the West women are now equal, so if they get bombed, it's tough. In the East they seem quite prepared to be suicide bombers, so equally, if they get bombed....tough.

    But kids?


  5. Ancient and tattered airman1 May 2011 at 21:47

    I will withold comment until the facts are clearer. What the media has reported does not make sense. The younger son of Gaddafi was unmarried so who did those children belong to? The great leader was allegedly present during the strike but escaped unharmed. Yes, sure, happens all the time.A command bunker (if such it be) is a valid target. Now what were the children doing there?