Such a prescient, beautiful sentiment.

Tuesday, 10 May 2011

If It Belong's To The Left

It Never Happened.

We need this here. As our Cobbleition lurches from one major piece of incompetence to another how do they sleep? Breathless reports of Pseudo's 17 and a half hour days do little to change the overall picture of aimlessness about our and The West's governance. As kids learn that atrocity and war pays, nothing is done to deprive them of this mindset. We continue the fight to steal oil from Libya and minerals from Afghanistan all the while pretending to some high moral purpose. A purpose bereft of any presence in Syria and around the world where the powerful regard the location as worthless in their quest for ever greater power through acquisition.
Be it local councils, MPs,r MEPs, bankers or senior civil servants, these footsoldiers and slaves to Mammon and ambition, ignore any sensibilities or protest. Time for a new wave of vociferous dissent before the last few remaining life boats are commandeered by the very morons who steered the ship onto the rocks.

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