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Wednesday, 25 May 2011

How The World Copies America.

How Daft Can We get?

This disgrace allied to this 2010 story tell us all we need to know as to why our livelihoods are still under enormous threat. Zilch, nowt, nothing has changed except the liabilities on tax payers is now generations poor. As Obummer and Pseudo Dave walz to Nero's violin, (spending Yuan yet to be paid for ) and gorging on the luxury food and wine unimaginable to most of us, we pick up the tab. If you gasp at the odd bills you personally have to meet, you have insufficient breath to sigh at the enormity of the self-congratulatory price you are paying for the smug, arrogant incompetence of our political classes and their abject failure to control the "too big to fail banks".
Add into this cocktail of stupidity the vomit inducing loans feeding conflict and bullying, beloved of the new World Order crooks and charlatans, controlling the planet. Marvel  at their lying with aplomb, as they gather speeding fines via their own carbon emissions, ready to give those criminal acts as presents to their nearest but not dearest. Just for one moment observe the charades played out by the movers and shakers which so ably conceal the truth of their own decadent constructs. Their machinery for control, the spooks, high tech surveillance and murderous police forces. Forces told in no uncertain terms by a lunatic at The London G20 summit that anything went in order to massage his image. Look at the guilt you are daily fed by charities demanding WE save all the starving kids, the victims of abuse and crime. The cruelty to other animals , factory farming and so forth. All these issues are nothing to do with the real perpetrators, they only happen because you don't cough up enough of your hard earned dosh, regardless of the sums you pay the Governments and their pathetic co-conspirators. Nope, they have bankers to nurture and personal fortunes and power to garner. Watch, observe, look on and tug your ungrateful forelocks, little people. We only need your undying obedience and all will be well.


  1. I wonder when society will wake up to the nonsense that the majority of our so called charities continue to perpetuate?

    I can remember in the 60s a man from Cancer Research coming round and selling a pamphlet thing. My parents bought it every time as did most of the neighbours. After 50 years Cancer Research are still collecting (how much money must they have collected by now?) and they've been joined with many others all raising money.

    They've claimed to have made a difference and reduced the likelihood of people dying of cancer. I'd have to take their word for it. I just find it difficult to believe that after all the money that's been raised and spent have we made any real difference? Certainly not based on value for money or investment.

    Most charities seem to be the same. But then they have need to deliver against and if they actually satisfy the need they will no longer have a reason to exist.

    The RSPB bleats on about climate change, is that really within it's scope? The list is endless as are the number of plastic bags pushed through my letter box on a weekly basis for any number of causes. It's not just these charities I've mentioned there are loads of them.

    I give to charities. Those that work as charities anyway (I hope). I do more now personally. I give directly or help directly.

  2. Yes indeed, Petem, the so called "big society" is just another money gathering scam which few will ever consider getting involved with if they don't all ready.

  3. I have a 12 year-old grandson who is paralysed from the neck down. He caught a virus when he was aged two. He is where my charity goes. By supporting him, I know my money is going directly to the 'charity' of my choice, and that every penny is well-spent.

    As for the RSPB, and so many others - it's not a charity. It is government - or rather - tax-payer subsidised, so we are already 'donating' by force.

    Research 'charities' before donating. You'd be surprised at the number that are already taxpayer-subsidised.

    My daughter went to the Obama wank-fest yesterday, invited by one of our betters. We're 'talking' about it this morning, and she doesn't like me very much today.

    Such is life......