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Friday, 20 May 2011

How Much More......

Before Somebody Wakes Up?

Despite a grudging liking for this clown I still see him as part of the problem. Smug, self-congratulatory and delusional as to his persona, age and genuine attractiveness to women! What irks big time is the Chatterati failure to hit home the reality that most Western pseudo democracy 30 some-things face. This heart rending and chilling article shows how the same state of stupidity created stupor affects America every bit as dreadfully as Europe and The UK. 
For decades the labour market fought in vain for a fairer distribution of wealth. In the meantime the post war "baby boomers" on both sides of The Atlantic worked, studied and grew a thriving, socially mobile middle-class. Sadly, the big money spun off from those efforts went into the banking and political control which in turn led us to the mess we are in. One highlighted by the RT article linked to.
To survive this mess some kind of joint understanding by both the stupid classes, (sadly a very large gene pool), together with the more intellectually blessed, needs to bypass the clever but equally stupid ruling elites. Wealth and power in too few hands got us here and only the dismantling of that NWO will do. In the meantime Snotty is in South Africa with his bully boy aides shouldering ever more people out of business class, whilst staking his claim as "saviour of their world, not ours" stake for the top IMF job.
A perfect encapsulation of the greed and power these inadequates still wield. A proven mad man and alleged paedophile failure and despicable human being, whatever the truth of his alleged misdeeds, now ignores his job as an MP and struts round the world feted not for his brilliance but his eagerness to be a bigger player in that evil Bilderberger nest of vipers.
So as the middle classes decline and their ambitions crumble, the untouchables carry on regardless. Even stocks of piano wire remain a glut and will do until heaven knows when.


  1. The risks of another "shock" are high. We may avoid one, but it could be close. In France in the 1780's you had a middle class whose wealth had been taken from them, a hungry peasantry and an elite that was free of taxes and control. This kind of situation is always likely to go bad.

  2. I could think of a bloody good use for that glut of piano wire, OR. ;-)

  3. Demetrius, I concur. Spidey, oh yes, me too!