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Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Giving The Right A Bad Name.

Trump Trumps His Targets!

At least Sarah P is attractive, unlike this foul mouthed, back combed, wiggy plonker. Despite the foul language he does express some valid points which resonate with most Oldrighties. Charity begins at home, strength through self attainment and reliance. Use savings in morality and surpluses in goods and cash to do good works, not debt and vote rigging with immigrant gerrymandering. Yet these tenets in the hands of the Trumps of this world become just slogans to mask the naked greed for power when money is no longer satisfying the ego and inferiority complexes. It would be so nice to have a "rightist" with the looks of a Palin, the charm of a Cameron and the bumbling honesty of a Boris. Still, even Trump and the delectable Sarah P look better than any gathering of leftie hypocrites. Can't have everything, can we!

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