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Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Freedom, That Holy Grail....................

Never To Be Found, Is It?

We always think of slavery as a physical containment when the reality is that it is more a suppression of ideas and the natural exuberance associated with intelligent minds. As our Western culture declines, so those who regard themselves as seeking to rule over us, resort to ever more excessive measures to control and subjugate freedom of expression. The eventual outcome has to be a descent into actual physical restraint since ideas and intelligence still rise above the physical. Many examples exist in history and the Bible to remind us of that factual existence of natural rebellion. Now we see the failures of the elite are producing the draconian physical restraints whenever argument is lost. Such as hereand then this. A further example of the inevitable consequences was highlighted by the ever more significant intellect being propounded on this blog, highlighting how terribly has been Afghanistan betrayed.
If we apply my thinking to The EU, then my header picture of the EU flag takes on momentous accuracy. Notwithstanding the US link, just stop and think of our gradual enslavement into politically correct thinking and the destruction of humorous banter. The AGW scam to suppress our sheeples through tax and fear. I am at a loss to understand the failure of the masses to realise their march into the mental and eventually Gulag slavery that awaits. It is terribly reminiscent of the acquiescent marches into the gas chambers of The Nazis with its cowed acceptance of mass slaughter and the sadistic enjoyment and schadenfreude of the evil participants. If you think this is a ridiculous analogy, do you feel our forebears in the 1930s believed their Ostrich disregard of the warning signals was somehow OK? The EU project is no less dreadful and the events unfolding in The Middle East and in particular Syria and Libya, together with the momentous failure in Afghanistan, are as huge a signal of our status and danger. I am beyond hoping something will change the mindset of a ruling elite ever more reliant on force and enslavement than any semblance of a listening democracy. See you in the dungeons.