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Friday, 6 May 2011

Footage Of An Obama Like Killing.

Well, Tell Me The Difference, If You Can.

As we lurch ever closer to the rule of unelected despots from The EU project, we are now into our second unelected PM's second year in office. This G20 killing was on Snotty's watch. I doubt much has changed. Yesterday The Mail stated that "details very much in the Public Interest" are suppressed. No doubt Starmer and Pseudo Dave are just picking up the baton used by this copper and supplied by Snotty's advisers. We have seen nothing yet. Our leaders (sic) are no better than Quadaffi, Mugabe or even Bin Loaded. If this video clip does not convince you, I dunno what will. As for the information hidden from public view, my guess it will be the orders from on high to the boots on the ground. Or should that be kicking heads in. Snotty, (though it might be any of the corrupt EU puppets), needed a glorious summit to tower above us all as the Great Leader. His passion was to use this luxury gathering of very large piggies to show us all his incredible greatness and superiority to rule over us, (or get a big fat job with The IMF). I'm only amazed he didn't wear gold braided uniform and applaud the heroism of his storm troopers. Sad thing is, this present lot are little better. Perhaps they think that if they say "may we", before the knee in the groin, it makes them seem better.


  1. It is all very well that that policeman is likely to face prosecution for manslaughter and a public Met Police inquiry but none of this would have happened without people power using mobile phone cameras and the internet. No wonder the Police don't like us photographing them.

  2. Banned. Quite.

    Inspector Gadget's blog is worth a visit, if just to gauge the feelings of our body-armoured, macho thugs in uniform. Their opinions on members of the public are quite revealing, too.

    One of the most chilling comments by our heroes is that he (Mr Tomlinson) was drunk, which somehow gives our brave boys the right to kill someone, "Why are you all so desperate to drop the fact that he was pissed up?".

    Another, "Our gang is bigger than yours mate"

    "He was nobodies` darling". - Nice.

    "..he was in such a bad way inside that even an arrest for Drunk & dis could have ended up wit (sic) him dying in the van or a cell".

    Like I say - worth a read.

  3. Thanks, both. KILLEM, I'm on the way!

  4. This from 2009.
    Bad apples ... are seldom brought to justice: no policeman has ever been convicted of murder or manslaughter for a death following police contact, though there have been more than 400 such deaths in the past ten years alone. The IPCC is at best overworked and at worst does not deserve the “I” in its name.
    400 and no one conviction say's it all.