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Monday, 23 May 2011

Feeling Hungry?

Here's How The NWO Feed The World.

Goldman Sachs scatter largesse.

Slowly the Internet is gaining on the idiots who, for far too long, have allowed their gambling addiction and lust for power to dominate our lives. From Super stupid injunctions through to illegal wars, criminal money laundering associations to bail out profligate banks and utter reckless political wagers, the light is beginning to dawn on their hitherto hidden darkness. Examples are legion. Idiot Flynn, of all people, here  and note this tremendous news,  potential joy,  ignored by our MSM, so far and a blow to the EU gangster commissioners. Then consider this disgraceful snippet and this extract in particular, " Food prices are no longer established based on the traditional economic notion of supply and demand for a traditional market demand. Instead speculation markets created and controlled by Goldman Sachs control global food prices."
If that does not fill you with disgust I don't know what will. It is also evidence that the fundamental tenets of trade and need related commercial activity no longer holds sway. Herein lies the addiction to "spot trading" gambling, risk and debt to pay interest on debt, that lies at the very heart of the World's current woes. You just watch as this same reckless and addicted activity envelops water supplies as it has energy and food production. The day of reckoning will be something to see when these clowns are identified, along with their political puppets, as the real culprits in the destruction of human existence. Not climate change but greed, addiction to money and utter lack of morality tops global warming any day. Then there's hoon Huhne!

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  1. Really really worrying. At least the present Scottish government swear that our water will be kept under public control - at the moment.