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Saturday, 21 May 2011

Do Cable's Calls.....

Help Him Redeem Himself?

"We had the complete collapse of a model based on consumer spending, a housing bubble, an overweight banking system - three banks, each of them with a balance sheet larger than the British economy. 
"It was a disaster waiting to happen and it did happen. It has done profound damage and it is damage that is going to last a long time."

Note how he fails to accept it was his socialist mates who presided over this debacle whilst the Tories were busy navel gazing. That we are in deep s aitch one tee is a mantra preached by us bloggers well before as well as during the rigged 2005 election. That the main architect and fattest, nose excavating clown behind all this is bidding for the IMF sinecure just adds to the surreal circus like carry ons. 

Still The Spanish are looking at the performance of their elite so maybe the rest of Europe might get on board the travelling rival circus. Albeit state politicians are just the shields for the shadowy EU dictators busy carving 
up our sovereignties. Our spies and MI5 are now theirs, are they not?
Tomorrow I expect to examine, for my own satisfaction Obi Obama's record so far!

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