Such a prescient, beautiful sentiment.

Saturday, 28 May 2011

Compare And Contrast.


It is with some pleasure I read this beautifully crafted and sensible piece of reporting and led me to consider an optimistic post on climate change and common sense. Here facts are reported. The overblown, smug arrogance of Western and BBC  presenters' and their auto cue ability is not the main event. It is the article and the story that hold sway. from the link this passage, " 
“We have to keep in mind we do not have a situation where climate changes in the same way all over the planet,”Movlyudov said. 

“Somewhere it is getting warmer, somewhere it is getting colder and somewhere there are no changes it all. At the same time, which tendency occurs in which area is also changing, so if the climate here and right now is constant, in the future this can also change,”, whilst if we seek our lot's typical gushing crap we get, "

The excellent sense of optimism but notes of caution were so refreshing and considerate of the reader's/viewer's possible intellect. How unlike the talking down insulting bollocks dished out by our controlling, Murdoch wealth and power, Downing Street robots. I think I might learn Russian!


  1. Hipster commies and their modern primitivism...

  2. Hi, Mr M, do you mean our lot? If so I agree. The Russians never did like communism and will slowly prove their dislike whilst The EU take us on that shitty journey.