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Thursday, 26 May 2011

Booze And Blusterers.

Never Knowingly Get Things Right.

The number of alcohol-related hospital admissions in England has topped 1m for the first time, according to official statisticsreported here.  It goes on to report the latest pathetic uttering  from  "Public health minister Anne Milton "These statistics show that the old ways of tackling public health problems have not always yielded the necessary improvements. "We are already taking action to tackle problem drinking, including plans to stop supermarkets selling below cost alcohol and working to introduce a tougher licensing regime.
"We will also be publishing a new alcohol strategy later this year."
Ergo those who responsibly enjoy a drink are to be forced to pay for the debris and devastation of years of failed Government. Whatever the rights or wrongs of pre-sixties Western culture it had discipline, work, education and balance. Decades of social engineering, 24 hour opening, tax greed and supermarket influence has all combined to give us a society where booze is the aperitif of celebrities before the main course of cocaine and hard drugs.
With a feckless, ill educated generation, or more, of idle hands, subsidised by Labour's benefit for votes attitude, now aped by the Cobbleition, the recipe of interference in booze and smoking draconian, nanny state meddling, has us at this point. Pubs were once a social centre for many areas. Places to meet first and foremost and share all manner of discussion, banter and the fun of being among like minded people. A fag and a pint shared was never a major issue. This, of course, was not pleasing to the power mongers. Nope, they needed to exploit all this. What do the masses want, they mused? What can we use to get them down the church isles of consumer greed known as supermarkets? Booze was the answer. Kill off pubs and you drown the sailors of freedom's life-boats. Pubs were self-regulating. Some tolerated drunks but in the main such inability for self-control was deemed unacceptable and firmly regulated by publicans and/or their regulars. Now look at it. The picture above says it all. Get pissed out of your tiny mind, spread every minor asset  for all to plunder and who gives a bugger.
Well, for all the banqueting, war mongering and posturing of our so called leaders, just observe what they have created and ask this question. If they are that brilliant at governance, how come we are so deeply in debt, submerged in Sodom and Gomorrah and embroiled in a globalisation that is failing so spectacularly. So bad is this all becoming, a big brother clamp down is inevitable. Freedom is being squandered in the West as it emerges elsewhere. For Obummer and the ridiculous G8 to pretend they have any decency or expertise is as ghastly as those legs spread drunkenly in the picture above. Our leaders today, through decades of failure, are offering every bit all they have to all comers as long as their grandeur and cheap booze remains available to themselves. None of these clowns appear to possess a mirror. If they did all they would see reflected is their own delusion.


  1. If the average MP also ran a company the way they try and run the country, all would have been declared bankrupt and barred from business activities for years...

  2. No admission to hospital for ANYONE who is drunk. End of.

    Get a unit on an industrial estate, fill it with concrete beds and ship all the pissheads out to it.

    Once they've sobered up, charge them £200 per night's stay, with no release until the bill is paid.

    Staff it with the likes of clampers, doormen and ex-squaddies and the problem will be sorted in no time.

  3. Killemall..... Poland has this sort of system of drunk tanks. And the police charge for the transport to and from just to ice the cake.

  4. Timely story OR.

    I suppose it's fodder for this story in today's Torygraph.

  5. A very good article OR as usual.I am an ex-publican,self employed Tenant.I did not throw too many out as it was a case of standing outside throwing them in!But,publicans,such as myself,would simply not tolerate a drunk in the bar,we would take their car keys,if a car was involved,and put them in a taxi home.The real problem ones,not locals,were ejected by the locals as well.
    This could also be about the creeping Islamisation of out Once Great Country.

  6. Thank you all for your comments. Whistle, also thank you and your experienced input.