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Sunday, 15 May 2011

Arrogance In A Bubble.

Not Just The Westminster Soap Blow!

As and when they get caught, the blustering and pompous nature of the egocentric powerful is a laugh to be enjoyed. OK, the IMF Froggy is yet to be tried but that's a powerful lot of smoke billowing forth. Then our own hoon of hoons, Huhne. Unlike fiddling expenses, when the bastards all pull together, where able and circle wagons against the plod's toy arrows, actually and actively lying and cheating over a car offence is not a good move. This resonates with the "them and us climate" so decidedly when it involves the kind of dodgy immorality we all experience around us. Even the thickest dumbos in our society and Labour education failed 
Neanderthals can relate to this pathetic effort by a superior and self obsessed adulterer. If it is indeed his wronged Mrs driving this forward, it further shows a man, (prepared to pontificate and push his own flawed climate knowledge on us all at huge cost to the poorest), as unfit for high office as any of them put together. If this cretinous and puffed up arse gets chucked out of Government I pray his fortune will decline as drastically. Albeit, like they do, he'll just use new found billions of pounds to assuage his disappointment. Might even proposition a chambermaid!!
At Huhne's sacking here's me celebrating below!


  1. There'll be no tears shed for Huhne when he goes. I'd imagine he's just as unpopular with his 'colleagues' as he is with us. He's an arrogant and opportunistic back-stabbing creep. Loved the L&H video :-)

  2. Why, thank you GV. The quickest comment I've ever received!