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Tuesday, 19 April 2011

This Referendum.

For Alternative Voting.

I appreciate fully that the AV system is not one that many would choose, myself included. However, my passion to wrestle a modicum of power from these corrupt, lazy arses in Parliament yearns for a move towards greater and more intelligent voting. That sleazy and shadowy mercenary boss Reid, alongside Pseudo Dave yesterday, was cringe making. It made doddery old Vince with Gromit seem almost OK! Then there is the rumour Davy Boy wants to do a Mansion House Snotty sartorial snub to the Monarchy. Thanks, cretin, if true it shows the shallowness of your whole psyche. A mentality steeped and stewed in Bliars change for changes sake mantra and every bit as shallow. 
The more I witness this steady and ghastly crew the more I want something to get at them with. Reid on the one hand said "one person, (pairsonn), one vote" for our brilliant electorate. Well, if AV gives those with a brain cell more options than the Jeremy Kyle sub-human mob, that works, too, Mr Johnny come lately moron of CIA fame, no job too dirty.
Those opposed to AV think again. Forget the mechanics, get it voted in then after the next election the elite will seek once more to change it. Vote no and you hand the EU puppets there cosy life back.
We will never get another opportunity again. Reid stated that the safe seat was not a job for life and cited Portilloo. Yeah, just like Johnny, Bliar, Mandy and probably Snotty, to name a handful, post high office screwing us as they  end up all over the greed train buffet car, big time. Argue all you might, the time for revolution has come. Don't throw away the first chance in centuries to give them a slap.


  1. There is also another vote in Scotland on 5th May and hopefully it will be the end for Jackie Baillie.

  2. The most effective way to hurt the three major political parties is to vote against them. Despite the expenses scandal, 90% of voters voted for the three major parties in the general election last year.

    If you want to hurt the three major parties, vote no to AV, because under first past the post, there is no chance of votes being transferred to the three major parties.

  3. The only people that AV would hurt should it, (God forbid), be adopted, are the British public, OR. The very fact that it's politicians who want it should tell you all you need to know.