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Sunday, 17 April 2011

Sunday But madness Still Goes On!

As The Western Dreams Crumble.

As pointed out at OR's place, some time ago, the picture could portray any Western leader. The appeasement of powerful lobbyists and global conglomerates has only hastened the conflagration of the West's decline. My generation is now vilified for the state we are in. We have taken all that should belong to to the feckless, drug and drink addled morons now produced by our Western culture. Wrong. The decline is one led by generations of 1960s onwards lefties. The need to satisfy their stupidity and share the aimless, immoral tack fed them by globalisation. Consumerism with lack of responsibility to ought but self never were my ideals. My passion was always to strive to be successful on merit and hard graft, rather than the spoilt ignorance of others. Today's press show me a world of selfishness far greater than that of my generation. Behind it all is the drug driven hedonism and Gomorrah of "termorrah". A world where the simple difference between brought and bought is not understood by generations of wastrels and drunks who believe that style, elegance, beauty and joy all come from substances rather than life and nature itself. 
I know this is all very depressing but for those of us able to garner the real joy of a lasting relationship and shared passions for the beauty of life, plants and animals then the contrast is satisfying. To be involved in the "real" world without constant guilt, climate change angst and coke snorting, lost intelligentsia, so typified by The Sunday Times, is enough for me. Utopia exists in the countryside and the gardens of England, large or small. This quite glorious Spring will be wasted on our urban majority and I really don't care!



  1. To Hell with spirituality and the joys of nature, OR. TPTB are beholden to big business lobbyists who know only too well that there's no money in that old crap.
    We must all be Consumer Units; get into debt and gawp in awe of media giants like Lady Ga-Ga and Simon Cowell on our wide-screen, HDTVs. Therein lies the only worthy future for us and our children.

  2. Well said OR. I'm weary of us baby-boomers being blamed for the state of the country today. I fought against the raving mad lefties and their ideas but got nowhere. I was called all sorts as I'm sure you were too.

    It is a glorious spring. Another day of 21 degrees here. Just wonderful. I'm having to put the sprinkler on a few times a week.

  3. Anon, my most favoured weapon is irony! Thank you, as ever, Subrosa. We may be a small band of a dying breed but still powerful in our sense of right and wrong.

  4. Startled Leafletter18 April 2011 at 18:44

    Couldn't agree more, especially the comment about the difference between "brought and bought!"