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Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Snubbed Of The Century?

An Unholy Trinity!

Well, you have to wonder what went on behind the various scenes when these were omitted from the pageant and banquet. Did Pseudo have any input, I wonder? if so was he settling a couple of scores. Our leftie media delighted, as ever the BBC to the forefront, in gossip saying Obi slagged off boy Dave, rumoured here!

Then there is the question of who pissed off whom from the other two when attending Royal events from their time in Number 10. Just imagine, Michelle had spent days closeted with Prada for "that outfit". Lady Macbeth had booked a tattoo parlour for embossed "E R 11" on both cheeks, (think about it) and Sarah Beard had dropped two dress sizes, to 16, for her new two piece with beret. The blokes agonising like Pseudo Dave on "to tail or not to tail"! Snotty cancelling his miniature silver nose shovel-spoon for the big day. Obama hiding his "travellers Koran" copy . Bliar trying to explain to his big boss, Quadaffi, why even he's not invited. Oh to be a globe trotting fly on many walls over this lot right now. Then there are the private conversations and analyses of "why us". Maybe even a secret summit to plot revenge. One thing's for sure, that special relationship will need some TLC down the road over the coming months. If you are attending please do not mention all the wars going on elsewhere.


  1. Garden look awesome....

    Ohh, yeah... The royals are Tories, Chick Big Ears in particular...

    Osborne gave him what he's been trying to get for 30 years... revenues from crown estate; in return he has to refuses to invite previous prime ministers to his son's wedding...the taking place of which of course was also part of the deal.

    And I bet, if his mum dies in the next four years Cameron has agreed to let Mrs Parker be Queen Mrs Parker-Bowels!

    They are all corrupt.

  2. Thanks, Tris. Lets be honest The Royals did have to prove their worth in the past. I know of few politicos who'd win their spurs!

  3. Don't you just love it when something like this happens,Snotty,Bliar and cor'bimey Obummer and their equally repugnant wives,missing out on a freebie.

  4. Hmmm... I'm trying to remember the last time that they led you or us into battle.

    Apart from that it's been take take take... mainly from the rich I'd have to admit; a castle here, a wife there, a farm here, a fortune there, a serving wench... oh well, you get the idea.

    I wonder who Willie's Camilla will be... and will he phone her on the wedding night suggesting that he would like to be her sanitary t...well you get the idea here too, just like his dear papa.

    Odious lot... and of course, as you point out politicos too... but that goes without saying.

  5. Thank you for the continuing view of your splendid garden OR. Would it be too much to ask if we are to be favoured with more of the same? I'm sure that Mrs OR has been tireless in her gardening endeavours - as always :-)

    Re: the wedding absentees - be honest, how many of us would want Those Two at our nuptials? One would be at the back exploring his nasal passages with a blunt forefinger and wondering why his spouse was looking at him with somewhat less than wifely adoration; the other would be in the back pew engaged in urgent and sibilant conversation with his goat-herding friends to garner in more blood-soaked funds, while his wife gazed hungrily at the holy fixtures and fittings with an inventorial eye.

    I would love to have heard the palace response to their plaintive queries as to their lost invites: "Because you are a pair of irredeemably corrupt pseudo-socialist little shits who have brought a once proud nation to its knees, that's why. Now fuck off before I put the dogs on you"

  6. Thank you all. I will address the gardening issue ASAP. She has it looking its best ever this Spring!

  7. I'd like to think that Prince Philip had a hand in snubbing the snubbed.

    Oh, to have been on fly on the wall during THAT discussion!