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Thursday, 28 April 2011

Snubbed continued.

It Gets Ever Larger!

Reports this morning suggest the Syrian Ambassador has been invited to the nuptials tomorrow. I have decided, therefore, to repeat the subject from yesterday's post on "snubbed" of the year!
It is pleasant to have light relief from the wars and economic woes and crumbling of Western power but surely as people are shot in the streets, butchered, raped and tortured all over the globe, this invite takes the biscuit?
remember, those of you of a certain age, the nervous approach to a young girl one fancied at a dance hall? Unlike today's lot, "Fancy a quick shag" didn't cut the mustard. You were scared of rejection in a very public place and courage to try was not always easy. If rejection was given the question hurling through the brain was why? So why Obama, Snotty and Bliar rejected? Bliar for his ill gotten gains and Quadaffi friendship? Snotty because of Dunblane connections? Obama for slights we know not of? As for the Syrian guy, is he an arms dealer perhaps? Who knows, have a break tomorrow and enjoy this gorgeous spring!


  1. Our EU presidents also.

    Our Will and Kate are exhibiting some good taste.


  2. I have read a report that the invitation has been withdrawn.

  3. When I was on the shift which required working on the fish train I had real problems getting any young lady to dance with me.