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Saturday, 9 April 2011

Qaddafi Overjoyed.

Was It Such A Good Idea?

"Anger is growing among anti-Gaddafi rebels after NATO's second friendly fire bombing raid resulted in more rebel deaths with no overt apology from the alliance following."  Don't expect Western media to explain the sh*t going wrong. I am not daft enough to believe RT is pure innocence but it remains a refreshing place to go for actual news. The BBC is just a club for an elite few "got there thanks to Daddy" brigade. Where have we heard that before!
Anyway, NATO, bereft of American enthusiasm, shackled by the incompetent EU meddlers and abandoned out of boredom by Pseudo Dave, our despot of the year, the esteemed Colonel, must be sleeping like a baby. His sons will still be regular stars at the Bilderberger banquets and once back under control, after the necessary massacre of dissidents, the oil deals will be back in play. I suspect Bliar is already negotiating with Russia, China, India and Germany, the distribution rights. 
As for Boy Dave, a few billions of his mate Georgie's teeth extracted taxes will mean sweet fanny Adams. Well not until there's nowt in reserve to bribe us all circa 2013/14. Dear me, Snotty looks well bred all of a sudden. We expected him and were not disappointed, to be rubbish. Pseudo and his smooth PR skills led us to expect more. What do we get? Another well educated clever Dick of a Toff, confusing academic success and a modicum of charm with fundamental intelligence. My Doberman lady is brighter. Still, Libya will be less expensive than Afghanistan and Iraq, Dave. Your legacy will be "My wars were cheaper but just as stupid."


  1. Do you know what really causes the red mist to descend OR? What causes me to eye the lead-filled 2' length of galvy piping with longing? The assertion that "Libya will be less expensive than Afghanistan and Iraq, Dave" is true - and yet British pensioners will suffer, perhaps even perish, through want of a couple of hundred quid on their heating bill.

    I am long in the tooth now, and the years have not been kind, but Dear Lord, I sometimes pray that I may be allowed a few private moments to explain things to Dave, Gideon, Letwin and their associates for a couple of minutes. With aforementioned galvy piping...

  2. Ditto, Caratacus. my mention of the costs was meant to have just such irony.

  3. I have to say, OR, that "Dave" never fooled me for a single second. I always knew he'd sell us out, just like all the rest of the cunts including Thatcher. I just wonder how far back in history you have to go to find a TRUE Conservative prime minister of Britain. Certainly over half a century at least. And of course the shower of Labour shite have been even worse, if that's possible. Scum the lot of them.

  4. Anon - you make your point rather well if I may say so...

    The last TRUE conservative Prime Minister of Britain served from 22 January 1828 – 16 November 1830. In my humble opinion... Even Churchill, for all his undoubted qualities, couldn't make his mind up which side of the House to sit on.

  5. XX Libya will be less expensive.XX

    Don't bank on it.

    A cock up which I do not think they have realised yet on our news yesterday.

    Germany may be prepared to send "hilfstruppe" ("Help troops", ie Medics, bridge builders and water well digger kind of people) i8nto the conflict.

    Aha....wait a minute....THAT means a ground invasion is expected!

    Or are they just going to fly over the area asking over loud speakers if "every one is doing O.K?" And; "Does any one want anything from the chippy?"

    As I say, 99% sure this is a "cat out of the bag" cock up.

    XX Caratacus said...
    The last TRUE conservative Prime Minister of Britain served from 22 January 1828 – 16 November 1830.XX

    SIMILAR here. Our last true Kanzler served 1871 to 1890.

  6. Well the thing is, Caratacus... Once upon a time, as you no doubt know, our (legitimate) leaders had to prove themselves in the heat of battle. Be it kings, queens, prime ministers or whatever. They had to show their mettle through superior strength as gutsy, on-the-ground leaders in battle. Likewise, if any cunt wanted to invade us, they had to do it by sheer force, via showing superior genes; not let in as 'victimhood losers' via the back door by fucking smelly Jewish traitors. Those days are long gone. And you can see the result. Just imagine Prince William or Harry leading a charge into battle!
    BTW, that reminds me of a joke: how was Prince Edward conceived? The Duke of Edinburgh had a wank in the bath and Elizabeth later shared the same water.

  7. Furor, great to have you pass by. Excellent comments all, as ever, many thanks indeed.

  8. The easiest way to go with Libya is to simply back right off and leave both sides to it. Gaddafi's soldiers are barely competent nitwits, but do at least have some semblence of a military command structure, plus commanders with the wit to recognise true stupidity when it motors towards them and set a textbook ambuscade.

    The rebels, by contrast, are incompetent nitwits. They waste ammunition firing at nothing very much when people point cameras at them, they waste ammunition firing at things way out of range of their guns, and they have no ability to obey orders, nor even any competent commanders. That the rebellion even got off the ground speaks volumes of Gaddafi's gibbering incompetence at the relatively simple task of being a lunatic dictator (expect dissenters, and keep a close eye on them. Cull the smart ones.).

    The best policy here is to enforce a no-fly zone to limit civilian casualties from indiscriminate air attacks, and then simply let both sides have at it with ground weapons. A lot of both sides will die and frankly we'll be well rid of these since anyone daft enough to either go up against a vaguely competent army with light weapons, or to let themselves get killed by a rabble such as the rebel army shouldn't really be in the gene-pool.

    When both lots have fought themselves to a standstill and most of the hot-heads are lying dead in the desert, THEN we go in and impose a peace. Most of the morons who'd disrupt it will be dead by then, and both lots will have run out of ammo so the enforcement will be that much easier. Besides, a quick civil war ought to discourage further dissent in the area.