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Friday, 8 April 2011

Pubs Kill!

Here We Go Again.

Listen up, you little people. Just because you subsidise our booze at Westminster and our EU duty free shops in Brussels, you still are peasants. Our despising of our electorate demands we do all in our power to ensure you live miserable, bland and boring lives. We shall do it with our favourite weapon, that is to scare you witless every single day of the week. We will fund to find rubbish research  "The study calculated that in 2008, current and past drinking habits were responsible for about 13,000 cases of alcohol-related cancer in the UK, out of a total of  304,000 cancer "cases.

Now we have in the region of 80 million people in the UK. This information says, life is good!
"There were 491,348 deaths registered in England and Wales in 2009 compared with 509,090 death registrations in 2008. Of these 238,062 were male deaths and 253,286 female. This represents a 3.5 per cent fall overall with a decrease of 2.0 per cent for males and 4.8 per cent for females. The last time annual death registrations fell below half a million was in 1952." 
One day we are told we are living longer , the next we have to forego life's pleasures. I guess to save money on treatments to allow greater expenditure for furnishing parliament with their goodies. The smoking lobby, which I fully support in the cause of freedom and free will if done considerately of non smokers, warned in the Blogosphere that booze would be the next target for the nanny state.
Note bene, the target is always the public. The conglomerates of the global food industry are never touched. The processed muck squirted into every morsel we eat via bastardised meats and pizza or paper mache buns never gets mentioned seriously. We are told we are living longer, wine is good for us in moderation, as is beer. Especially the hop based, malted brews.
Now it's a cancer bloody agent. Come off it. It's a ploy to extract yet more tax from our fear and anxiety, whilst the elite pollute our planet with their very existence.
Look at the sodding list. Global warming and climate change, booze, fags, obesity and so on. That this is life seems to pass the idiots by. However, nuclear weaponry, constant war and the obscene armament industries soaking up who knows what billions and trillions of resources seems to be tickety boo OK. 
It all comes back to this New World Order Snotty brags about. That requires absolute control of the Eloys by whatever means. Albeit the fear factor is the weapon of choice. Why can't we just get on with living and evolving? It would seem the human race is doomed not by its human beings per se but via the sick, power crazed despots that run the show so very badly. That alone drives many to drink! Enjoy life as best you can. Laugh at the silly pillocks, it's all they deserve. 13000 deaths per annum from booze? Sounds worth it to me, cheers, good health!


  1. OR, I have just come across a wonderful quotation I would like to share with you. And it's totally on-topic for this latest post of yours. Check this out:

    "Fear is a very foolish way to rule a nation, because fear is very tiring over time. No matter how tyrannical the despot, no matter how great the imposed terror; there comes a time when the people simply lack the energy to be afraid any longer, Fear vanishes from the population, and all that is left is blind uncompromising unquenchable rage." ~ Michael Rivero

    Inspiring, isn't it? :D

  2. Good post OR, but I question the 80 million population. I don't think we have got that far YET!!! I understood it to be more like 65 million?

    Still the real answer will soon be known, when the Census "police" have visited all the 7 million households who haven't filled in their forms.....


  3. Anon, great quote and thank you. MD, my 80 million was a bit tongue in cheek and I await the census police, if they can find us!

  4. Excellent post OR. Travelled to Taunton today, had to top up the old jalopy and, unwisely, chose Sainsbugs as my supplier. The greater part of your est 80 million souls appeared to have chosen the same sodding venue, so there's your answer md - they're all at Sainsbugs, Taunton. Ho hum

    Anyway, ref. alcohol; I've been saving a barely touched (honest dear) bottle of Macallan for the right moment and I suspect that this is it. In truly hospitable style, I will invite my neighbour to share (in the full and certain knowledge that he doesn't like whisky), I will remove the cork and hurl it into the undergrowth as now being entirely surplus to requirements, and hoist a few before the stuff goes off.

    The Thought Police and associated ninnies can go and sod themselves! Bollocks to the lot of them. And the horses they rode in on...

  5. "I await the census police, if they can find us!"

    Some interesting information about them provided by Anon @ 13:35 today in the comments here: