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Thursday, 14 April 2011

Pseudo Utters And Nothing Changes.

He's Definitely Morphing Into Snotty.

 More hot air and electioneering under way so let's trot out the lies and failed promises again. As for "cuts" the Government spending "cuts" sleight of hand is just out of Labours' "in power play- book rules" to create a mini-boom in 2013. So why will this new approach to drag immigration into the same football match, where the education and The NHS footballs are swapped regularly, to speed up the bloody kicking about, work? Come on people, AV may not be much better than FPTP but it could shake, even get rid of this left wing smoothie. Pseudo was likened to Bliar, how true that's turning out to be. As controlling, manipulative and dishonest. As for heir to anything, more like Snotty's unused hankies. Vote YES to AV and UKIP!!


  1. From NuLabor to NuCon in one easy election!

  2. Meet the NuCon - same as the OldCon :-)

  3. AV would simply saddle us permanently with weak, Europhile, Lefty coalitions, OR, and the only ones who would really benefit from it are Cleggy's Libtards who demanded the referendum in the first place!

    AV is nothing but a stitch-up for the benefit of Lefty, scumbag politicians and it's not designed to produce a more democratic result for the electorate. We would probably still have Brownfinger as PM if AV had been used at the last election.

    If you want real democracy, (which I know you do), then FPTP is the only system that works properly and it has served us well for a very long time indeed.