Such a prescient, beautiful sentiment.

Saturday, 30 April 2011

OK, Let's get back To Normal.

Despite A Wedding, The World Is Still Pretty Crap, Just Now.

Here is just one of a World full of despotic morons right now. Strife, with The West's political weak and pathetic thumb prints all over them, is everywhere. Iraq spiralling out of control again, a Taliban surge and spring offensive under way, Bahrain locked down, Egypt in limbo, Libya a melting pot, The Yemen falling apart. What, I ask myself are we doing with this ridiculous globalisation that is failing the human race so badly. The EU a blathering bully and ridiculous entity, A USA so broke the pain is palpable and a smooth talking but impractical President. A man who mirrors the lack of common sense beloved of our UK home grown political classes.
Can anyone see, or forecast where we are all headed? I love my life and would so like my modest achievements and success available to those  deserving youngsters coming after me. Instead the socialist dreamers and self-absorbed cretins have ruined and blackened the concept of fairness. Trumpeted to the skies the hypocrisy of their creed and left us with a legacy of debt morally and economically. Old fashioned, Oldrightie values may be a cause for modern derision, BUT THEY BLOODY WORKED!



  1. Is that a Libyan, Tunisian, Syrian or Egyptian at tbe bottom of your garden?

  2. Unless I'm v.much mistaken Mr.D that be Obergruppenfuhrer Assad that be :-) .... and looking happy as hell about something or other.