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Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Not Civil But Uncivil.

Not Servants But Takers.

This post is an attack on the grasping and exploitative Unions and some of their members. The greed of people whatever their role in life, seems to be inversely proportional to their position on the socio-economic greasy pole. The Mandarin classes and their footsoldiers in education, the police, the medical professions and social service incompetents. These, together with a whole raft of placement, self interested lefties, have wrecked everything they got their paws on. We have the nurses blindly following their Union lead, teachers right behind. An endless stream of whining and selfish leftovers from Labours' social engineering, political indoctrination classes. Though a cynical despiser of the ruling elites and of Pseudo EU Dave, I still watch as the beneficiaries of political brainwashing clamour for special treatment regardless that "There's no money left" except for the elite.
Just look at the inadequate, poorly educated thickos forming the young jobless ranks of hopeless and feckless, drug and drink addled kids. Driftwood that has been washed ashore on the banal ambitions of Socialist meddling. Are these Civil Servants manning filthy hospitals, gang dominated schools and superior town halls really that good as to deserve the largess they already steal from the public purse? Go on strike or just leave. You will not be missed. If it's all so awful why do you cling on like limpets?
Bear in mind this post is aimed at the 30K plus a year bunch who I consider have for many years happily accepted the perks, voted to hang on to them and been not one jot bothered at the horrific decline in their service output.


  1. Union bosses are so open to subversion. They're so easily bribed into betraying the interests of their members. Offer them a peerage (the usual inducement) and their members' interests can go to hell in a handcart. The first time I noticed this was with old Joe Gormley, who promptly shat on the miners as soon as TPTB made him up to a 'Lord'. Not that I personally ever gave a flying fuck about the miners, but their experience under Gormley is a lesson for all union members that is still entirely valid today. Their leaders don't give two shits about them.

  2. I can't wait until they go on strike. Then everyone will wonder what work these people were doing in the first place.

  3. If only the BBC would go on strike - permanently.

  4. "Legal constraint to labour is attended with too much trouble, violence, and noise, creates ill will etc., whereas hunger is not only a peaceable, silent, unremitted pressure, but, as the most natural motive to industry and labour, it calls forth the most powerful exertions....

    It seems to be a law of nature that the poor should be to a certain degree improvident, that there may be always some to fulfil the most servile, the most sordid, and the most ignoble offices in the community. The stock of human happiness is thereby much increased. The more delicate ones are thereby freed from drudgery, and can pursue higher callings etc."

    Not my words, but those of the Rev. Joseph Townsend, worthy man of God, who wrote the above (in "A Dissertation on the Poor Laws, By a Well-Wisher to Mankind" 1786) on the benefit of poverty in compelling the poor to labour.

    Been thinking about old Joe's words of late... as one of those who pursues 'a higher calling' (kof kof)... Maybe the thousands of workers in the public sector ought to have a read too - partic. the part about hunger being a powerful motivator!