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Tuesday, 12 April 2011

More Futility.....................

With An Embarrassing Potential Result For Pseudo Dave.

Terrific analysis, as always, here.  As this happens, "South African President Jacob Zuma says the Libyan government has accepted an African Union peace proposal to end the eight-week-old conflict.",  one might wonder if the picture above was taken over last weekend. After all it is this "real politic" our erstwhile leaders tell us is supposed to be acceptable in the pursuit of (oil), sorry, peace. As in my post yesterday, appeasement seems to be the least costly option. Freedom from fear, choice, liberty and self determination are just so darn expensive and inconvenient. These despots know how to handle and massacre opposition, why not follow suit?
Now, about the future of the Federal States Of Europe...............................
As for Davy Boy, he seems to be following a determined path to be on the wrong side of any event, proposal or indeed history. I wonder how his Bunker refurbishment is going. I must take a peek, soon.


  1. It is unclear, then, whether the war will actually end even if the ceasefire is agreed to by the rebels. NATO officials appear keen on continuing with their air campaign for the foreseeable future, and even if Gadhafi and the rebels agree to a formal partition, it won’t necessarily stop NATO from continuing to bomb Gadhafian targets.

  2. The irony that these days we get better insight and balanced reporting from RT than our own main stream media some of which as in the case of the fucking BBC we refer to as "Pravda"

  3. Akv, beggars belief, Atlanta, you posting from a rooftop? Thanks for popping by and an excellent comment, thank you.

  4. Akvavitix, I agree with you totally. When is someone ever going to have the BALLS to grab the BBC by the throat and strangle all the leftie life out of it? I'm not holding my breath....