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Sunday, 10 April 2011

Money made Complicated!

Well, That Way It Gets Lost More Easily.

At least the people got a say in this.  "The issue will now be referred to an international court, the European Free Trade Association Surveillance Authority. a process which could take several years." So our lot borrowed dosh to pay those investors who chased the mega interest on their money in Icelandic banks. That was  p****d up the wall by bankers and the British tax payers were shafted. Business as usual I guess. Just like these "wunderkinder" from Labour with all the answers to the economic woes bequeathed us and who signed us up to the endless EU bailouts, Blinky Testicles now whines about. Fred Karno's outfit would be a compliment applied to those who rule, or did or aspire again, over us! Mind you, if today's Sunday Times poll is kosher, it's no more than we deserve.

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