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Monday, 4 April 2011

May AV Referendum.

Look At Whose Against It.

As dirty as any other campaign and some unsavoury old faces saying no. Margaret Beckett, David Blunkett and Lords Falconer, Reid and Prescott, plus Warsi, Ken Clarke, Hague and his glorious war monger pal, Pseudo Dave. Indeed the vehemence of these people and their campaign will mirror last years despicable clap trap spouted as "cast iron". Like an EU referendum, no cuts to pensioners benefits, The NHS untruths, tuition fees, a draconian clamp own on MPs thieving. If we fell for all those lies, stated to further self-interest and lust for power or greed for our tax revenues, why not roll over and forget the opportunity to make the buggers really earn our votes?
I say just this. The "first past the post" has created that ghastly affront to democracy, safe seats. It allows these people to offer grace and favour tenures in the manner Harman stuck her Trade Union fat cat, Dromey into Parliament. A YES vote will give these people a very big fright. Since it is the present trough loving crowd that screwed the country via decades of "first past the post" how can anyone, in all honesty, say it has served us well? It has the self- servers, not the rest of us. I'm voting yes, so should everyone else without a vested interest in perpetuating greed.


  1. I can't actually see AV making too much difference in stronghold constituencies. They will still get a huge majority.

    It's not the "way we vote" that is corrupting politics, its the way we "don't" get to choose our candidates, the lying in manifesto's and the paper thin differences between the major parties that should be in question.

    What I do see is, its a waste of money and a referendum on the EU should be on offer instead.

  2. Sue, they won't give us a referendum on the EU because they know what the result would be and they can't face it. So much for "democracy" eh? Just another meaningless word in a politician's vocabulary.

  3. ... and helping Neil Kinnock's investments is such a worthwhile cause.

  4. Well said Sue.

    I posted this earlier this a.m. at the Telegraph - but I sense that it was not well received :)

    "Had a word about AV with Major - our best breeding boar - this morning as he chomped steadily over his illegal bucket of swill (the Yurpeans are agin swill, apparently, but the Major is partial to cabbage stalks you see).

    I did my best to explain the mechanics of FPTP and AV, and I thought I did a halfway decent job. The Major grunted and belched softly.

    "So", he said, "the choice is between voting one way to get a pillock elected to the the House of Commons ... or an entirely new way to get a different pillock elected to the House of Commons. But either way, a self-serving pillock will be elected, is that right?" I nodded miserably.
    "Ha!" snorted the Major, "Best put your name forward Old Man!"

    He wandered off in search of further nourishment, chuckling and sharing his bon mot with the other pigs... "

  5. This is obviously a stunt designed to keep the LibDims happy and keep us occupied. Cameron is doing his best to avoid the EU question at all costs.

    LINK He doesn't even acknowledge Sir Peter Tapsell when he mentions the fact that the British people have lost patience with the European Union. PIG BLOODY IGNORANT. His reasons for the German people's lack of support do not even incorporate the fact that they are also exasperated with the EU!

    Most of the people I know are not bothering with the AV Referendum, many of them don't understand the concept.

    The rest of them are rapidly losing interest as they know who our true masters are.

  6. Excellent responses but we have to start somewhere to change things somehow. AV will help UKIP for a start.

    "The rest of them are rapidly losing interest as they know who our true masters are." That interest will spark up again when Turkish riot police kill London demonstrators circa 2020, as part of The EU wide police and military.

  7. OR,when I go to vote in the referendum,I will take a felt tip pen and spoil my paper with 'EU REFERENDUM NOW'.OK.It's spoilt,but,it will get counted quite a few times,if a vast majority of voters done this,the message may just get through.

  8. I will alter my ballot paper so that it becomes a referendum on EU membership .