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Friday, 1 April 2011

Massive Failure

Or Deliberate Politics?

This analysis is a complex and slightly pro-biased account of The Eurozone financial catastrophe enveloping this discredited concept of a Federal Pan European State. Behind all the clever intellectual discussions, however, lie personal and horrific human tragedies. Throughout the poorer countries, seduced by the charlatans of the richer States, repossessions, bankruptcies and poverty are rife and the misery engendered real and sickening. Yet any solutions that might be possible have to be dragged through endless meetings and the ECB individuals, proven woefully inept, as the article shows, at running their own operations properly. Never mind all the pain dished out and the future agony being played out on our doorstep, in Ireland and mirrored throughout Europe, these dim wits remain in their plush lifestyles untouched by their failure. The very architects whose edifices collapsed around us are the same firm we task with rebuilding those houses of straw.
When the financial crisis hit in2008 many bloggers, from Guido to my minnow self had said for years that the bubble was unsustainable. Still the powers that be colluded with bankers to dupe everyone into believing the "no more boom and bust" hype beloved of Snotty. These same excrement covered morons are still coining it around the world and living "priority" life-styles we can but dream about. Never mind the suffering left in their wake. As The EU lurches towards yet another unimaginable billion or even trillion melt down of their financial nuclear reactors guess who gets to feel the pain most? The sheeples still continue to allow these idiots, now in the guise of a Cobbleition, to take us into yet more unsustainable and unaffordable Middle East conflict, push climate change lies down our chimneys and continue to tax the last drop of common sense we might have left. A curse on all their houses.



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  2. Too true, OR. Portugal's bond yields have risen 150 basis points in the last month alone. As far as I'm aware, that's unprecedented for a western country. They'll probably have to call in the IMF next week at this rate. Next up: Spain.