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Saturday, 23 April 2011

Making things worse.

Much Worse.

A reason not to be proud is this blog from last year, laying out many of the stark realities of the "real politic" we are never privy to. I really did not realise as I set off blogging that I would end up loathing the whole damned lot of them. It does seem that as our Capitalist society lurches from one crisis and war to another the quality of leadership gets ever worse. I never tired of criticising, as a tax payer, that monocular joker, Snotty, as he laid waste my pension and minced around Macbeth's stage because I believed, naively, his downfall might herald an improvement in our Nation's lot. On this very St. George's day, in brilliant sunshine and a happy Easter climate, together with a wedding coming up to enjoy moaning about our Pseudo might look out of place.
Well, given he's lumbered us with another endless conflict, our troops are still dying in that forgotten war in Afghanistan and Iraq is nowhere near solved, it's hard not to moan about the boy's inadequate performance. Nor must we forget that other botched surgical procedure of, " long disappeared into Quadaffi's tent Tone", Northern Ireland.
Mind you if we glimpse at the linked blog, the reality is it's all going swimmingly well aka the Maxim Gun syndrome,  remember? . Lots of war and arm both sides. What's not to like?

I do not wish our Prime Minister a happy Easter or Saint George's Day.


  1. You are never wrong, Demetrius.

  2. The ever increasing number of wars we are involved in OR is just a diversion.
    The most frightening thing is the reality of the world economic sistuation. Few people would have notice what happened to the US$ towards the end of last week, but it seems to suggest a lot of doom mongers predictions are about to be realised.

  3. Yes, I've been watching the dollar and it don't look good at all. A lot of seniors in the US are going to get their savings wiped out. Tragic thing is, it's all been pre-planned! Those who know what's to happen are making an absolute killing out of it (as usual). Make no mistake, there's a really serious situation of world war proportions taking shape exactly according to plan. Embrace the New World Order! It draws ever closer...