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Tuesday, 26 April 2011

The Injunction Or The Cheaters.

Which Matters Most?

The Western world is fed for decades on a culture that sells. Make it big in films or on TV and riches are so great as to be unimaginable. However it seems this "super-injunction" business has no genuflection towards the morality of the behaviour of those lucky (sic) enough to get on this cocaine, sex and fame bandwagon. Our ever more foolish judges regard themselves as part of this circus and are happy to impose draconian gagging orders ostensibly to protect his children. Now I have no interest in this ridiculous, moronic and star struck crap but this injunction has given me a desire to know and see shamed this philanderer. If he cared so much about his kids why did he choose high profile hookers and co-stars to go play with? if his need for sexual gratification was so great his wealth should surely have allowed him to have a far more discreet liaison?
I would suggest getting caught was part of the "fun". A further issue is the speculation that s rife over the internet and many couples will be looking askance as to whether it is their spouse doing the dirty. Other kids will be chasing children at school who have the discussed status and many will suffer unnecessarily. Not really a fair consequence of this selfish bastards ego or the intelligence of M'Lord, is it? Is it Hugh Laurie, Bonneville, Ewan McGregor goes the speculation. More interest and salacious gossip because of the injunction and serves the so and so right when he's outed. Sad for the innocents caught up, though.

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