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Friday, 15 April 2011

How Our Money Is Taken.

By Underhand Means!

My last week or so has seen me embroiled in modern day pickpocket victim hood via British Gas, HMRC and probably several other bodies I am presently unaware of. It goes like this. You are assessed through last year's tax code which carries settled underpayment completion. You have to get that amended otherwise it now remains carried over. Any overpayments you have to claim back and even then it might take weeks or months. Woe betide if you owe HMRC dosh. Every second is charged interest and you will need to identify the problem. They will no longer inform you, just take as much as they can from your pocket. Then the utilities and their scams. Complex calculations to bamboozle. Estimated readings, even when supplied constantly with customer figures. In my switch recently, payments already made were ignored and a bill issued showing a shortfall. Weeks later, this is amended to show a credit of some £56. No sign of that appearing yet and no doubt expensive phone calls will be necessary.
Everything is a scam. These organisations recruit the best from Oxbridge to play chess with our lives and our incomes. We are pitted against grand masters of the chequered board without knowing we are playing and even with that knowledge we are forced to play without a Queen. Hateful modern ways. What's your least favourite opponent?


  1. Our local council has to be mine, OR.

  2. Alas, we are short of more than The Queen on our side of the board. We are but pawns for sacrifice.

  3. Every few centuries the time comes for radical change. The parasite class push their luck too far and an uprising results.
    What this country needs right now is a no-nonsense, right-wing strongman who takes no prisoners. Fuck the parliamentary system; it's got us where we are today. And just look at the state of us. Britain desperately needs a 'benevolent dictator' who can cut through the crap, make some necessarily harsh decisions, stick to them and ignore the squeals of the Lefties and Liberals and put the country back on its feet again.
    Such a person will never arise through the democratic process.

  4. If it's any help OR, utilities are the least of your problems.

    If a meter-reading is over- or under-estimated, it'll always 'catch-up' to self-correction. On the face of it, it's a 50/50 chance of being in your favour or theirs.

    As the consumer, if you're 'in-the-right' you can always sit tight, pay nothing and to continue your chess-analogy 'put them in Zugswang'