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Monday, 18 April 2011

Here, There and Everywhere.....

Flounder Our Erstwhile "Leaders".

I am not alone in decrying the paucity of our so called elite. Whilst indulging in grand and unbelievably luxurious gatherings, (my post of yesterday remains apt with it's link to Nero's Rome), your meddling gets worse. The French Dwarf and his electioneering war mirrors any despot's clinging to power. Merkel is facing censure for her doling out of Germany's hard earnt cash, Obama is obsessed with the looming elections in The USA and desperate also to cling on despite saying he doesn't like the job! What's not to like? 
Then there's our Pseudo Dave lost in his own perma wave. A wave of delusion so incredible as to mirror that of Snotty. A sudden splurge of populist utterance 'cos guess what, elections coming up.If these cretins cared less about clinging to power and DID something for a change what a better world we might have.
For starters, think less about globalisation and a new World Order and more about your homeland and the place you derive your wealth and being. Stop looking to get oil via military means. Buy only from proven pals and not despotic murderers. Stop arms proliferation and competition. Wake up to the real global powerhouse that is China. Every bit as corrupt as can be. This relationship was never necessary and now they have most of the World's dosh and these cretinous globalisation idiots handed it over in return for cheap crap.
Start getting out of meddling just to protect your bankers and arms dealers. For example look at what you are responsible for, just today. Afghanistan defense building attacked, car bombs in Baghdad, your pals ambitions, the mess in Libya and the failed intervention probably likely to cause more carnage than a swift Qaddafi victory. Then, over and above all this you idiots have, with your greed for power and might, created the monster that is the bottomless corruption of The EU. An Institution that loses more cash via fraud and embezzlement than the Greek economy put together. Here, there and everywhere you are not much cop, are you? Sadly you sleep at night far better than the millions of people whose lives you wreck.


  1. I'd wish a horrible death on everyone featured in your picture at the top of your post.
    Unfortunately with their private health care provided by our pennies they'd escape my cursing.

  2. Hi, BB, I'd settle for an abject and grovelling apology and banishment to one of the slum ghettoes they created!

  3. I don't with them a horrible death; just an early one. Preferably by hanging and certainly before the end of next year.

  4. Cameron has turned out to be shocking, hasn't he? I knew he was going to be bad, but he really is approaching 'Gordon Brown' bad.

  5. Perhaps there is another "train wreck" impending. The trouble is we can't get off the train.