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Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Has Dave Got A Piggy Bank?

Hidden from Boy George?

What about my future, you plonker?

"David Cameron has announced a £650m package to improve education, and encourage greater cooperation on counter-terrorism on his first visit to Pakistan." 
I'm not so sure about heir to Blair. More like son of Snotty. Where on God's Earth does he keep finding all this dosh? More Tornadoes for bombing our dwindling oil supplies, millions for an EU brain washing history museum to store the whitewash to cover this corrupt, failed crap idea of a Federal Europe. Then there are the "cuts" at home. A savage reduction in common sense, that is, not the ever growing State credit card bills.
There was I thinking nothing could be worse than Snotty and now we are lumbered with this excuse for a Prime Minister. As grasping of the job as ever Bliar or Nose Picker ever were. Strewth, The Libyans don't know how lucky they are to have Qaddafi. At least he has a passing acquaintance with his own nationality. This cretin seems oblivious to our culture and our past. As our earnings get ever more thin on the ground and ever more hard to hang on to, this pygmy colossus bestrides the Globe doling out money we don't have and largess lost to generations, stretching into a distant future. 
FFS, what's with slashing our already overstretched armed forces, 20% VAT, increased taxation via national insurance scamming, more dragged into the 40% earnings bracket and so on and he's giving how much borrowed cash to Pakistan? What a pathetic, preening overblown and disgraceful bastard. How can we suffer three utter pieces of shoe scraping and smelly dirt on our shoes in succession.As quick as we scraped one off, another was trodden into. Sums up this Country today. We are walking through a solid mass of dog muck and paying through the nose to do it. Hateful people. Will nothing stop them, ever?



  1. Captain Peacock6 April 2011 at 06:32

    Did people vote for change at the last election? If they did now they should realize that a vote for any of the 3 main parties means new party same government.

  2. Don't. I'm livid with rage.

    WTF is he thinking of?

    Apologising for the sins of our ancestors and then giving them our f*cking money when we need it? What really takes the biscuit is he's giving them bomb making technology.

    Is he mental? Pakistan is a breeding ground for the worlds terrorists!

    If we give them any money at all it should be for a mass sterilisation programme to stop them having kids they can't afford!

  3. Cap'n spot on. Sue, don't you just love the little girl? Furious covered well!

  4. I see we're both of the same mood this morning OR - raging here.

    Love the photo - just perfect.

  5. Has he, for the sake of a quick spin, begun to make matters worse? Does he know what he is saying?

  6. OR, you speak for us all ... with your usual splendid oratory too. If I could possibly arrange it I would have Cameron stand still while you gave him both barrels from a pace distance. The stupid see-you-next-Tuesday would look like a cat in a wind-tunnel and still be mystified as to why people think he is a slimy piece of human refuse. Or a socialist. Just when you think the stupid arse couldn't get any worse .. he goes and does it. I shudder to think what in twelve types of instant cocoa he's going to come out with next week...

  7. What Sue said, basically.

  8. It will soon come down to Heads on spikes on London Bridge.I hope I am around to see it.

  9. He is just sooooooooo stupid. (It won’t sit well with the British people unless your politicians stop dodging their taxes; you couldn’t make this shit up).

    He got where he is by dint of a phone call from the palace; not because he's clever, or deserves the job.

    And more and more it shows.

    And they talk about equality of opportunity. Him and his “friend”...

    FFS! Can these people not see that: a) we are laughing at every stupid move they make... sometimes three of four corkers in a day; and b) Brits will only take so much. When Cameron said he "knew the British People" in his pseudo Churchillian speech, he was forgetting that there are some of us who don't do Henley, Glyndebourne, Ascot, Lords and the freaking boat race, and some have never even been to a palace garden party...

    But then maybe he does know we exist, just doesn’t think we count.

  10. The little girl is lovely!

    btw, I'm in no better mood today either :(

    Gonna read your depressed post now.