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Friday, 29 April 2011

Ghosts Of Weddings Past.

The Sadness Of Sycophancy.

I sure hope that today's wedding will have a better future than that of Prince Glum. This charade shown here was a travesty known only to a few of the Shakespearean plotters. The same crowd, those still alive, will undoubtedly be still beavering away, (literally for Park yer Bike Bowels) to gain some advantage they perceive marks them out as special. However today's Bride may prove sterner stuff with a background to be admired for tenacity on that greasy pole. I wish them luck, I really do but the "ghost of Weddings past" just will not go away.
I loathe the media and in particular The BBC's slavering performances. "Now having determined who polished the car, carriages and egos of the favoured it's over to Sophie," . "Well Huw, very interesting they have such minions for all that honourable boot licking. I have with me a man who actually cleaned up the horse poo in 1981, was it difficult, Sam?". "Well it took a lifetime to master shovelling so hard but one pile is much like any other, my dear." Cue pop at the Tory PM coming but cut quickly.
No, for me today is about the Groom's inadequate, adulterous dad and the torture he and his lot, aided and abetted by sour cream Camilla, put the absent Groom's Mum through. Decades of brainwashing of the two young boys went well but could not prevent what hopefully will be a happy union. It'll be the first since Victoria's, probably. Enjoy whatever you do on an ostensibly, historic day. For me it's a bit like Sam's lifetimes work!


  1. It has a little more chance than the idiotic one between the relic Charlie and a cute young girl, forced on them by people who didn't understand the 20th century.

    Chic should have been allowed to marry his horsey friend. They should have known he would have his own way. It's what he expects and what he will have in life.

    At least these two have been living together for 6 years. I doubt she will be able to take the relentless attention of the press. That's bound to cause tensions. Still Murdoch and his like will make a lot of money out of it, so good old capitalism wins in the end.

    It’s sad that so much money is being spent on it and so much fuss made. It’s like they think that the more they spend, the more likely it will last.

    Personally I wish them well, as I would anyone (although I’d eat my foot before I’d watch any of it), but like everything else the UK does, this is so over the top.

    At least Cameron probably won't make any terrible blunders today. He will be at home doing the sort of thing that he knows how to do. Being posh requires little intellectual prowess.

  2. Hi, Tris and thanks, as ever for dropping by. I suspect we have much more in common in all these matters than not!

  3. Now people who know me as a cantankerous old sod will be surprised by this but I wish them well, I really do. As I would any young couple.

    In the face of the tragedy in this young man's early life he appears to be on a relatively even keel compared to his father, and marriage outside of the regressive gene pool represented by the "blue bloods" of England must surely augur well for any offspring.

    They appear to love each other and there seems to be little more in life worth achieving than that!

    The memsahib has been glued to the box most of the day (while I've pottering amongst the weaponry in the Garden Shed) and I am quietly regarding her with fresh appreciation...

  4. "I loathe the media and in particular The BBC's slavering performances. "

    Which is why I watched it livestream in Youtube, BBCs brilliant footage sans commentary.
    It's still viewable now, all or in parts.